Fresh Food in the City

A day in the life of vegan foodie, Lauren Toyota

By the Get Leashed Celebrity Squad


She’s cute. She’s funky. She’s got hair so beautiful we kind of want to shave it off her head and stick it on our own. Oh, and she also did a kick-ass job hosting the 2014 MMVA’s. Yep, as we discovered in Get Leashed’s celebrity profile this past spring, Lauren Toyota is one cool chick: TV host, animal-lover, all-around risk-taker. But did you know she’s also a hard-core vegan, food blogger and talented cook?

Lauren takes her love of animals seriously and four years ago she committed to cutting all meat and dairy out of her diet entirely—no easy feat when you live in a city nicknamed “Hogtown.” Finding delicious vegan food on the go proved a challenge, so, being the go-getter she is, Lauren took matters into her own hands and started making vegan versions of home-cooked favorites. Now, along with her sexy-ass partner John, Lauren runs, hot for food blog, a vegan food website, where you can find tasty vegan recipes, health and beauty tips and tons of photos of Lauren and John being freaking adorable.

Of course, being vegan and being an animal owner don’t always go hand-in-hand. While Lauren might be committed to going meat and dairy-free, her fluffy little furball, Snickle, ain’t really feeling the vegan lifestyle. Get this cat some giblets!

Trendsetters like Lauren are definitely pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for those who choose to go vegan; we love her DIY attitude towards food. Our only question is: where does this girl find the hours in the day? Those green smoothies must be filled with magic.

For a yummy intro to Lauren’s food philosophy, check out her tasty recipe for Vegan Kale Caesar Salad. Tempeh Bacon? Garlic Croutons? Yes please!