Social Pets – Taylor Swift’s Cats

Get to know Doctor Meredith Grey & Detective Olivia Benson

By Jon Nelson

Taylor Swift's cats - Get Leashed Mag

Taylor Swift loves her cats. She’s also the first woman to win the Grammy for Album of the Year twice, recently took a stand in support of friend and fellow woman in music, Kesha, is changing the plight of women in the music industry, and donates money and her time to 29 charities and 30 causes, including PETA, Unicef and the Red Cross. For these reasons and more, we adore her. But we really love how much she loves her cats!

If you want to be formal, you can call Taylor’s cats by their full names: Doctor Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson. Most of the time, they’re just Meredith and Olivia, which takes nothing away from their formal cat attitude: sleepy, cuddly, and downright adorable.

Taylor Swift and her cats - Get Leashed Mag

Scottish Folds, named appropriately for their folded ears, are Taylor’s breed of choice, which we can’t blame her for, as Meredith and Olivia are seriously two of the cutest cats on the planet. Appropriately, every time they make an appearance on Taylor’s Instagram account, iPhones explode under the pressure of double taps from fans and fellow cat lovers across the globe.

You’ll notice through Taylor’s countless photos that these lucky cats spend a lot of time in luxury hotel rooms. Flying across the world in personalized carriers with assistants doting on their every need and watching out for their wellbeing can’t be the worst way for two felines to spend their time. Taylor just simply seems to enjoy having her cats close by. We suppose they must bring her the same comfort our regular, non-famous cats bring us regular, non-famous people!

You can follow the fantastic lives of Doctor Meredith Grey and Detective Olivia Benson on Taylor’s Instagram account!