10 Reasons We’d Give Up Everything to Live with Lisa Vanderpump

A plea to LVP – the restaurateur and reality star


10 reasons we'd live with lisa vanderpump

This is an official plea: Lisa Vanderpump, adopt us!

Lisa Vanderpump (or LVP) is the restaurateur turned reality TV superstar best known for her addicting show, Vanderpump Rules. She is a true beacon of style, decadence and all things fairy-tale pink.

Although she has that classic ‘stiff upper lip’ and dry British humor, she has an extremely soft heart for animals. From marching against dog slaughter to hosting an adoption event with celeb pal, Lance Bass, she is very involved in the animal world and even has her own line of posh pet collars, with a portion of sales going to her favorite dog charity.

Beyond all of her awesome qualities, LVP also happens to own a gorgeous luxury home, Villa Rosa, from which she posts oodles of drool-worthy pics. Below are ten reasons why we want to be LVP’s latest pet.

  1. The View

Lisa’s home is tucked in Beverly Hills with expansive forested views. When sitting in her backyard, you’ll see sheer natural beauty for miles.

lvp 10

  1. There’s a Moat…

Who has a moat around their castle (I mean home) these days? Lisa does. Yes, crossing a little bridge over tranquil water every time you enter your home is the definition of living the dream.

lvp 9

  1. Hanky & Panky

Who’s swimming in that moat? A pair of swans, of course. Hanky and Panky are the resident Villa Rosa swans. Swans are known for being sassy, but Hanky and Panky seem to be quite content being LVP’s pillow.

lvp 8

  1. It’s Raining Dogs

Lisa has a lot of dogs. You’ve probably heard of her famous Pomeranian, Giggy, who stylishly accompanies her everywhere. She’s also got Rumpy Pumpy, Avery, Lollipop, Pikachu and Pink Dog. There are probably more; it’s hard to keep track.

lvp 6

  1. Mini Horses

What do you get your husband when he turns 70? According to Lisa, miniature horses (obviously). We’d love to nuzzle up to these classy white beauties.

lv[ 5

  1. This Food

You don’t own three successful Los Angeles restaurants without good taste. You can bet everyone is eating well at Villa Rosa.

lvp 2

  1. Flowers

Fresh cut flowers are a staple for Lisa.

lvp 4

  1. The Decor

The name, “Villa Rosa,” says it all. This is the prettiest pink paradise we’ve ever seen.

lvp 3

  1. The Dress Code

There’s no doubt that Villa Rosa has a serious dress code. We’re pretty OK with that.


  1. Hanging with LVP

With two reality shows, we know that hanging out with Lisa wouldn’t be boring. She’s either at the coolest parties, or hosting them.

lvp 7

All photos credited to Lisa Vanderpump. Follow this Real Housewife on Instagram @lisavanderpump for more snaps of her fabulous and fuzzy friends!