Barbie’s Best In Show Moments

A Roundup Of Her 10 Most Fetching Dog Walking Looks

By Sarah Fisher

barbie best in show moments dog park fashion

Barbie – the queen of all things fashion.

When we saw Hudson’s Bay release a limited edition Barbie, complete with their signature striped toggle coat AND pup with matching sweater, it dawned on us: if Barbie were reading an online pet owner mag, it would undoubtedly be Get Leashed.

No stranger to trend setting, Barbie’s dog park style is seriously on point, which the fine folks at Mattel document on her Instagram feed (yes, we’re kind of envious).

Whether it be her uptown, posh looks with Ms. Honey tucked under her arm, or the opulent high glamour she served with Afghan Hound Beauty back in the 80s, Barbie has turned out a plethora of iconic looks which deserve noting.

Let’s round them up, shall we?

1. The Time Barbie Did Canadiana


Credit: Hudson’s Bay Company

We stand behind her use of accessories, but her legs are going to be cold without tights.

2. The Time Barbie Did Werk-out Gear


Credit: Instagram / @barbiestyle

She doesn’t even break a sweat. We want her friend’s pants. #Athleisure

3. The Time Barbie Concealed Her Dog In Style


Credit: Instagram / @barbiestyle

We feel the woes of a not so pet-friendly world too, Barbie, Naturally her backpack of choice is Moschino.

4. The Time Barbie Nailed Holiday Glamour


Credit: Instagram / @barbiestyle

…and accessorized with another dog, Sugar!

5. The Time Barbie Did Double Denim


Credit: Instagram / @barbiestyle

The shades are complimentary, not consistent of course.

7. The Time Barbie Did Coachella Better Than You


Credit: Instagram / @barbiestyle

We applaud the use of a doggie tent for function and Instagramable merit.

6. The Time Barbie Walked Her Dog In Heels


Credit: Instagram / @barbiestyle

Granted, her foot shape may give her a leg up on us, but this is commitment.

8. The Time Barbie Went Parisian


Credit: Instagram / @barbiestyle

Because you can never fault a black and white combo or a pet-friendly cafe.

9. The Time Barbie Wore a Massive Skirt


Credit: Instagram / @barbiestyle

Not to be upstaged by Sugar and Honey, Barbie brought it in a skirt double the volume of yours.

10. The Time Barbie WON The 80s


Photo: Barbie Values

A glamorous dog that’s so soft and fluffy, plus that coat? Shut. It. Down.


Credit: Instagram / @barbiestyle