Lady Gaga Has a New Little Monster – Another Frenchie!

And he’s like an adorable little cow-pig

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Credit: @ladygaga

Say hello to little “moo-pig” and “cow-pig” (their temporary names)!

Lady Gaga is growing her little Frenchie family and got a new addition! Her third puppy joins Miss Asia Kinney and Koji!

Credit: @ladygaga

Siblings need to give their love to the new baby!

Credit: @missasiakinney

“No touch, mom. He’s my baby!

Credit: @missasiakinney

The lil pup came just in time for Christmas! This is where his older sister found him.

Credit: @missasiakinney

First Christmases are the best Christmases!

Credit: @ladygaga

The proud mama and her three little piglets

Credit: @ladygaga

Yay for puppies!