Decorate Your Home With These 10 Pet-Friendly Plants

Maybe Your Pet Has A Secret Green Paw

By Catalina Barrios

There’s nothing like going to a garden center and not knowing which plants to buy. There are so many that it takes me forever to find the right one for my home, especially one that is child and pet-friendly. I try to do my research beforehand, but otherwise I always ask the garden center employees for their advice. We checked the ASPCA guide to toxic and non-toxic plants, because there are a lot of misconceptions about what is actually pet safe, and many plants can make your pet sick if ingested in high enough quantities.

Credit: PetSalute

It is very important not to buy a plant or herb only because of its looks. It may have beautiful colors but the last thing you want is your dog or cat getting sick because you weren’t aware of a plant’s toxicity.

The following is a list of 10 plants and herbs your pet will fall in love with and most important of all, they will be safe. Always ask your vet, doctor or a garden center employee for the right plant for your home.

#8 was a surprise for me!

1. African Violet

This is a very popular indoor plant. It is easy to care for and inexpensive. The best part is that it’s pet-friendly. I think I need to purchase one very soon as it will look beautiful in my home!


2. Spider plants

I love the name. These plants are great for air cleaning. They need fair amounts of water and do well in most light conditions and temperatures.

Credit: Our House Plants

3. Areca palm

This plant is my mom’s favorite. The Areca palm likes bright indirect light. The soil should be completely dry before watering, so you will only need to water them once a week.

Credit: Costa Farms

4. Bamboo

Bamboo is a pet safe plant that is non-toxic to both cats and dogs. The ASPCA lists it and also has a full database for you to look up any plant you are unsure of – check the ASPCA database here.

Credit: Cheap Vegan / tumblr

5. Rosemary

This plant is recommended by veterinarians as being not only pet safe but also good for dogs to eat as it helps with their immune system.

Credit: GreenMyLife

6. Aluminum Plant

One of my friends has this plant in her apartment and she loves it. Its unusual patterns make it look hazardous, but it’s a safe choice!

Credit: Costa Farms

7. Peperomia

It’s an easy to grow plant which does well in a variety of conditions and provides beautiful greenery.

Credit: Real Living Nutrition Services

8. Basil

One of my favorites, this well-known herb has antioxidant, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties. It also has a gorgeous fragrance to freshen your living space.

Credit: Quiet Corner

9. Moth orchids

This beautiful plant helps to increase your home’s air purification. It is perfect for homes that are exposed to smog, smoke or fumes. The flowers are also stunning to look at!

Credit: Our House Plants

10. Pearly Dots

This popular plant makes a great gift since it is easy to care for and slow-growing.

Which pet-friendly plants will you be planting this year? Have fun adding some plant life to your pet’s life.