9 Great, Free Apps Every Pet Owner Should Try

Pet-Friendly Tools, Tricks, & Travel Tips From Your Mobile Device

By Erik Ryken

With so many tools to keep us connected and help us find info fast, it’s a great time to be a pet owner. If you haven’t embraced any pet tech just yet, we’ve found some simple apps to get you started. From optimizing your travel to capturing your pet’s silly side, here are 9 great, free apps we think you’ll enjoy.

9. Quik by GoPro

Free, for iOS and Android

Taking the hard work out of video editing, Quik helps you to find the best moments in your footage and photos to create professional results. It’s made by GoPro but you don’t need one of their cameras to use it. If you do, then let your pet’s camera skills shine! You can add a soundtrack, with free included music or imported tracks from several cloud-based platforms.

7. GIPHY Cam

Free, for iOS and Android

For anyone with a cat, this is essential. Some pets were just born for the silver screen of animated GIFs. Let them flaunt their weirdness, make you laugh or cry, and share these fantastic digital offerings with your friends and the wider online world with the ease of this app. Everyone’s doing it – even your favorite ketchup brand:

Credit: GIPHY / Heinz

Please make more great GIFs.

6. AirBNB

Free, for iOS and Android

You’re probably familiar with this app and its recently redesigned guest experience. It’s revolutionized travel and hospitality. Many users aren’t aware that you can filter search results to see if a place is pet-friendly or has pets on the premises. This can now be done through the app too. AirBNB isn’t just a replacement for hotel stays. Travel experiences like Tourpups in San Francisco are starting to turn up, allowing you hang out with shelter dogs and support a local animal rescue. See what else you can find out there as the dog-friendly experiences are building up!

5. DogVacay

Free, for iOS and Android

What AirBNB is to hotels, DogVacay is for kennels. This well-designed app helps you find a sitter for your dog. It’s good for the dog owner who’d rather let their dog stay with someone in their home. For dog lovers without a pet, it’s a great way to spend more time with dogs. Both parties have to feel like a mutual match in order to set up a stay, so it’s a great way to start new dog-sitter relationships!

8. Map My Dog Walk by Under Armour

Free, for iOS and Android

You and your dog may or may not have the best fitness habits. It always helps to have a GPS tracker to map your walks and get a sense of calories burned. Under Armour created this app for detailing your workouts and walks without the need for an external device.

4. Dog Buddy by Maxwell Software

Free, for iOS

Stay prepared with an app featuring pet first aid information that helps you log vaccination records and other documentation you want to log as a responsible dog owner. Pet First Aid by American Red Cross is another for iOS and Android, but is available in the US store only.

3. AHAlife

Free, for iOS and Android

Recently touted for its ability to help you purchase a gift in under 60 seconds, AHAlife’s mobile app brings the unique selection of designers’ and artisans’ interesting products. Their range of pet products is full of beautiful finds.

2. BringFido

Free, for iOS

To help navigate the barrage of non-pet friendly accommodations and attractions in your city or destination, BringFido helps you find hotels, restaurants, parks, beaches, and events that allow your pet to accompany you.

1. BarkBuddy

Free, for iOS and Android

Not quite Tinder, even though its swiping interface looks the same, BarkBuddy says it’s “the first app designed to locate adoptable pups in your area and fetch you a perfect match!” Unlike a dating app this one offers some feedback to you on what your preferences are, like the breeds you swipe right for the most. If you know a friend who’s looking, you can share a dog’s profile with them too.

What is your favorite app related to your furry friend? Let us know in the comments below!