Indie the Golden Puppy is the Most Trusting and Playful Dog

The games she plays with her human dad will make you melt

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @indieagolden

Even before she came home, Indie’s parents already loved her to bits!

Goldens are popular for a reason. They’re adorable throughout their lives, playful, friendly, and reliable. Indie the Golden is no exception. Born in October 2016, she lives with her two paw-rents in South East Queensland, Australia. Just like her home, Indie is warm, sunny, and golden. Like all puppies, Indie is playfully destructive and loves to run around and jump into her daddy’s arms. Recently her video went viral because of its oh-so-adorableness.

Dad and I playing a little game last night 😄

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Indie waits to bounce into her dad’s arms and gets thrown back onto the bed to do it again.

And other than her adorable playfulness, her stills are always a winner on Instagram.


Credit: @indieagolden

Indie’s “Can I have that” face will make you want to give her your soul. Why is puppy fur sooo fluffy?


Credit: @indieagolden

When she got home, she was 100% comfortable with her surroundings – she even claimed her parent’s bed as her own. Who could ask her to move though, when she looks just like a golden angel?

Now that I'm home it's time to destroy the Christmas tree 🎄🐾

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And when she arrived, she went right to the destruction of the Christmas tree decorations.


Credit: @indieagolden

And like any golden, she was immediately comfortable with swimming! #WaterDogs


Credit: @indieagolden

When her parents decide to take her out from the comfy AC, she of course isn’t thrilled with the idea. Does your dog get away with being high maintenance because of their cuteness? You’re in good company.


Credit: @indieagolden

“Why is my favorite bird leaking? And how come it’s thinner?? We’re just fighting.” Like most puppies, she finds a way to destroy even the most innocent of stuffies.


Credit: @indieagolden

“Is that cake? Do you know I like cake too? Are you going to share? If not, I’ll just wag my tail over here while drooling.” We love to watch her get bigger and bolder, but we will miss puppy Indie!

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