Adopted Wheelchair Dog Albert O. Wheels Joins a Special Rescue Family

One minute he’s there, and the next he’s gone! He’s got the case of the zoomies.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @albertonwheels

Albert is his own Superhero. Nothing gets in his way from chasing his big, younger brother Norman!

As you can tell already, Albert has some special needs. He can’t use his hind legs and needs a wheelchair. Some people might see this as a reason to not adopt a dog like Albert, but he shoots that doubt out of the water. Once you put him in his wheelchair, it’s as if he’s has no struggles or cares at all. He runs just as fast as his brother Norman and sister Pancakes on the beach! And for that reason, his family are special needs advocate living in Connecticut.

Let’s meet Albert and his special family:


Credit: @albertonwheels

As you can see, Albert is chasing his brother Norman for the ball. Will he succeed? (The answer is probably).


Credit: @albertonwheels

His  sister is Pancakes, the chubby Bichon mix! They both sit in a booster in the front of the car #bigbabies

These pups also have a kitty sibling!


Credit: @albertonwheels

His third sibling is also special needs – Lulu the one eyed kitty! She goes outside sometimes with her brothers, but she mostly stays in side discovering new paper bags and boxes to claim as her own.


Credit: @albertonwheels

95% of outdoor playtime is spent chasing Norman. Good thing Albert has his license to “drive” stick! We cannot get over his vanity plate.


Credit: @albertonwheels

See! Albert can get the ball from Norman. That, or he caught up to Norman trying to bring the ball back to mum and he wants to be a part of the process.

These siblings show how close they are during playtime and meal time.


Credit: @albertonwheels

“Yes, we would like to be a part of this dinner party! We’re even dressed up for it? What do you mean get down??” It’s okay, boys, dinner parties aren’t for everyone. You’re welcome to attend Get Leashed’s #DinerEnBark any time!


Credit: @albertonwheels

Your average dog get together – “Hello, nice to meet you, sniff” x5 #NoseUpForGreetings! Aren’t dog parties the best parties?


Credit: @albertonwheels

Albert barely needs his legs! Look at this superhero floating in the air! Soon he’ll solving crime and putting away criminals! You’d never tell by the smile on his face that he was rescued.

This face, while not a smile, is cute in its own way…


Credit: @albertonwheels

Too much of the zoomies! Too much! Maybe his special powers are too much for him right now, kind of like when Spiderman learned he had powers. With great power comes great responsibility!


Credit: @albertonwheels

“The snow doesn’t stop us from running around!” Hopefully it slows you down a little, then it’ll be easier to catch up! Albert’s wheelchair is luckily, all-season.


Credit: @albertonwheels

Break times are always spent with Lulu, the almost not kitten! She’s always there for downtime.

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