This Two-Legged Dog Was Sent To Be Put Down And Then Something Amazing Happened

An Owner’s Love, Dedication, and Training Gave This Dog A New Life

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @queenalmendra

Adhara Talamantes was studying when she saw Almendra the dog’s former owners bring her to be put down. She took Almendra from them and changed her life forever.

Almendra was deemed not fit to be sold because she was only born with two legs. After Adhara took her home, she immediately started training Almendra’s two hind legs to be able to walk. She then made her a wheel chair that Almendra learned how to use and now you can’t stop her from running with the other dogs. Like any other pet with special needs, Almendra doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with her. And her mother’s love, hope, and dedication show that there really isn’t that much wrong with a two-legged dog.

See how well she’s doing now:


Credit: @queenalmendra

When Almendra went home with her new mum, she went splat right away on her new pillow. She’s probably in maximum comfort knowing she has somebody new since she got taken away from her siblings!

Getting her two legs stronger for use!

She now has a pretty awesome, pretty normal life as a happy dog!


Credit: @queenalmendra

As she got older, Adhara started training her two-legged pup. This included water therapy that’s always better when mum’s with you.


Credit: @queenalmendra

Adhara took Almendra in her new wheelchair everywhere to get the pup used to running around with her new wheels! Almendra loves every minute of it, especially because she gets showered with kisses during the breaks!


Credit: @queenalmendra

She was even happy as a puppy in her diaper! Her face just tells the hopeful story of every dog deemed “unadoptable”, all they need is love and support and they’ll be happy!


Credit: @queenalmendra

Just look at that precious face! Doesn’t it just make rescuing that much more worth it! You can just cover her with kisses.

She even plays fetch in her own adorable way!


Credit: @queenalmendra

Sunbathing is always better when you can feel the grass on your body! It’s even better when your mum is enjoying it with you.

She’s even learned some tricks and made friends.


Credit: @queenalmendra

The way she sits is so precious because she looks like she’s trying to sit like a human. But if you imagine her having two more paws, it looks normal.


Credit: @queenalmendra

When Almendra isn’t training her legs and running skills, she’s at home with her fur family of three other pets! Can you spy the cat sneaking away?


Credit: @queenalmendra

And that ends the story of Queen Almendra who has defeated all of her obstacles with her tongue out and a smile on her face. All she needed was her mum’s love!

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