12 Of The Cutest Maple Leaf Super Fans

They might not know what’s going on, but they will bark when you cheer!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @allisonleggs

If you’re like this dog or me, then you probably wore the gear in support, but you faced any way but the game and only looked briefly when something exciting happened.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are finally in the playoffs this year. The first time since 2013.  If anyone remembers that one game where they were in the lead by three and then lost in the third period, you know that this is their second chance. If Don Cherry is still giving his utmost support in his multi-coloured suits at 83 years old, then we, Torontonians, can give them some, too!

For some people, watching hockey can be the highlight of their evening. Even if they’re not at the game, they have their jerseys on wherever they go. Whether it’s a bar, restaurant, or their basement, it’s all about keeping the #TML spirit. And it’s contagious. If there’s one hockey fan then everyone else probably gets a taste of excitement, too. This includes spouses, children, and pets getting dressed in blue and white, and watching the game.

We may not all be Dart Guy, but we can try like these adorable TML puppy fans!


Credit: Instagram / @being.bohdi

Bohdi is only twelve weeks old and lives in Alliston, Ontario! He’s already getting ready to go in his Leafs scarf to be a die-hard fan for life!


Credit: Instagram / @brewster.santa.severus.bronson

This Doodle may live in Vancouver, B.C., but it’s all about supporting the Maple Leafs! It doesn’t matter where you are. Vancouver may dislike this adorable fan for supporting Toronto, but this Doodle doesn’t care! Go Leafs Go!

No matter what you dress them with, these fans are too adorable for words!


Credit: Instagram / @franklinlefrenchie

This St. John’s Ambulance therapy dog supports the “Turonno” Maple Leafs after an exhausting but fulfilling shift of making people happy! And his shadow gives us suspicions that he might moonlight as Batman, too!


Credit: Instagram / @harley_the_frenchie

Bacon-lover Harley loves the Leafs as much as she loves bacon! She proves it by wearing her very own tiny Maple Leafs jersey! Ugh, too cute.


Credit: Instagram / @mavinthe6ix

Long hair, don’t care. This Chihuahua was born and raised in Toronto so that means he will support the Maple Leafs whether he likes it or not! (Good thing he can’t read).

It’s not just small dogs that get “encouraged” to wear these jerseys. We found bigger ones, too!


Credit: Instagram / @pawsitively_winnie

If you live in the GTA, you probably still call yourself a true Torontonian even if the downtowners try to deny you! Winchester lives in Hamilton, and he was oh-so-excited about the game against Washington that he could barely stay still.


Credit: Instagram / @pennyandcocatheshibas

You can’t mess with Penny or Coca the Shibas, and you can’t mess with their TML pride, either! Just look at their faces. They dare you!


Credit: Instagram / @patchypatchhh

Sixteen-year-old Patch has supported the Maple Leafs all his life. He’s basically the Jack Russell Terrier equivalent of Don Cherry. We think they should meet.

And of course, there are the dogs who are just looking forward to barking/yipping/growling at all the things excitement.


Credit: Instagram / @poky_corgi

Poky is just so excited, happy, and adorable about everything he gets to do! When his tongue is out that just means he’s super excited about it. Just look at his Maple Leaf gear covering most of his upper body, and he doesn’t even mind!


Credit: Instagram / @whengracemeetsbailey

Bailey the Maltipoo puppy is still learning about being a Maple Leaf fan, but she’s definitely about trying it out. She even has a jersey, but she has a lot of growing to do!


Credit: Instagram / @kyvirtue37

Does your whole family get ready like this one for the Maple Leafs? Share your pictures with us!

Go Leafs Go!