Meet DeafDal – The Dalmation Shelter Dog Turned Therapy Dog

Now he’s learning new things, making new friends, and making people’s days!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @DeafDAL

Dal and his mum on the beach as per usual and staring intently at each other – this family proves you don’t ever need to hear the words “I love you”, you just feel it!

Dal and his mum live in sunny California and spend their free time at the beach. But it wasn’t always sunshine and waves for Dal. He was left at a shelter and close to being put down before his mum adopted him. She taught him American Sign Language and he knows how to do tricks just like any good doggy! After getting another chance with his adoption, Dal gives back to his community by being a therapy dog. He gives lots of kisses and nose boops to those who need it. When he’s not working, he’s at the beach doing Doga (woo!) with his mum or with his friends!

Adorable Dal learning how to speak!


Credit: @DeafDAL

Dal enjoying the sunset the wrong wear in Santa Monica. We think he makes the view a million times better!

Dal is all about making friends and playing outside!

Tried making a new friend, was rejected 👎🏼🐱 #awkward

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Even though he tries, some need more time to become besties!


Credit: @DeafDAL

Dal and his buddy not sure how to use that funny shaped ball during Superbowl Sunday! It’s okay, some things are meant to be left for the pros.


Credit: @DeafDAL

Dal channeling his inner Great Dane – I mean they’re practically triplets! Dal is just a little smaller than his Dane brothers and maybe less drooly.

But what Dal loves is being outside in the West Coast!


Credit: @DeafDAL

He’s definitely proud to be American and was very interested in this year’s election. Maybe a dog will unite the country once and for all in the near future!

Acro yoga @thefeistyyogi

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What else to do on the beach other than some group Doga??


Credit: @DeafDAL

Dal is probably thinking, “This would feel a little less weirder if I could also hear all the water coming, but maybe that would be scarier!” The tide is a powerful thing!

At the end of it all, it’s just Dal and his loving mum enjoying their time together.

Dal definitely loves to join in on the Doga so much that he borderline interrupts his mum’s routine. “It’s always better when there’s more than one of us participating!”


Credit: @DeafDAL

Dal getting his Baywatch on and standing guard on the beach. But unlike David Hasselhoff, he can only rescue you if you’re close to shore.


Credit: @DeafDAL

Here’s to another match made in heaven with Dal and his mum. If they didn’t meet, Dal might not have been able to enjoy his fun-filled life!

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