Pit Bull Siblings Darren and Phillip Are The Best At Everything They Do

And that includes: eating, sleeping, and being absolutely adorable

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @the_blueboys

When the squad is so close that you all get matching jammies! I mean who else wouldn’t want to wear jammies with your face or your pets face on them?

Brothers, best friends or mortal enemies – or at least how they’re portrayed on TV! Well, these two blue boys fit the best friends trope. First came Darren then came Philly to complete the now family of four! Their humans definitely spoil these two boys and have lots of cute outfits for them to wear (always matching, of course)! They also spend a lot of time snuggling in bed with each other or one of their humans are holding them like a baby. They eat as hard as they sleep just as any dog does.

Overall, they’re 100% adorable and big babies!

Is anybody gonna talk about the elephant in the room? 🐘

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But just look how peaceful Darren is being the elephant in the room!


Credit: @the_blueboys

They do know that they have some chores to do. And they know that when it’s laundry day that sometimes you only have one old shirt to wear and no pants!

Work hard, play hard, that’s the boys motto!


Credit: @the_blueboys

When you work from home and your desktop faces not a wall, but the TV. One of the boys pulling his weight at home by getting some business done!


Credit: @the_blueboys

When you and your best friend match that day without telling each other – don’t they look so cozy in their sweater vests? Very Chandler-esque.


Credit: @the_blueboys

But sometimes the boys disagree on what to do with their day – Philly has got his mind on being productive, and Darren’s age is showing with his urge to go back to bed!

But the boys balance their rest and activities very well!


Credit: @the_blueboys

Sometimes when it’s gloomy out, it is very acceptable to wrap yourself with the thickest blanket to keep out the cold! We’d definitely recommend it!


Credit: @the_blueboys

This time Darren’s all about the outdoor adventure and feeling the wind in his fur. Phillip’s just looking forward to the next snack he’s going to get!


Credit: @the_blueboys

And these boys sure know how to eat. Darren’s got it all down in the kitchen with the heartiest and protein filled breakfast! Hats off to this adorable chef!

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