Rudie The Three-Legged Reindeer Gets His Happy Ever After With His Dog Siblings

Rudie’s story proves animals work together to make everything better.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram / @rudiethereindeer

Nothing stops Rudie from making a silly face now that he’s all better and playing with his doggo brother. With some love and care, the healing process makes everything better.

It’s never too late or early to celebrate Christmas. So we have a special-er story than Rudolph for you! At just two days old, Rudie was brought to a vet clinic missing half a leg. The vet had to amputate his leg, and while he was healing, they needed to find him a home. Luckily, a nurse at the clinic came to the rescue and adopted Rudie! He joined her, her two dogs, and a cat, and fit right into the family. He doesn’t let his missing leg stop him from chasing his siblings or walking with his mum. And he visits friends in nursing homes to cheer them up!

Just like any younger sibling, Rudie looks up to his older sister Keira and wonders when he’s going to be like her! You can tell they have a very strong sibling bond.

Credit: Instagram / @rudiethereindeer

Rudie loves all the animals at home, even the cat! The cat probably thinks Rudie is just a funnier looking dog. Rudie doesn’t look like he minds.

Rudie absolutely loves his siblings and it shows!
Credit: Instagram / @rudiethereindeer

When Rudie was smaller than his doggo sibling, he was probably tired from chasing his eager-beaver sister. We give him credit, though. It’s hard getting used to having three legs!

And it’s all kisses for the kitty, whether kitty wants them or not. In this case, we don’t think she wants them. Rudie loves showing affection!

Credit: Instagram / @rudiethereindeer

Rudie has an amazing life now thanks to a kind nurse with a big heart. It just goes to show that a little love can go a long way.

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