What Do You Get When You Have Two Infants and Two Bulldogs?

Very, very patient bulldogs

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @boss.bentley

Mia and Andrew the bulldogs had to step down as the only boss children when twin boys Anthony and Michael came into the picture. Now it’s all about the babies.

Recently a video of an infant and a bulldog went viral on the Internet. Nothing really interesting happened, but people loved it! One of the twin boys and Mia the Bulldog were just sitting on a leather sofa while the baby rocked back and forth. Mia sat patiently next to him without a bother and even went for a few licks on the baby’s face. The sweet video just shows how babies and dogs can go well together and how bulldogs’ rolls are excellent learning tools for growing babies!

No kissing in front of the camera Mia 😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗

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All of Mia’s rolls and the baby’s pudgy feet in all of their glory!


Credit: @boss.bentley

The twins’ signature slicked up hair and Mia’s not-so-patient face make both of their Instagrams worth the follow. Okay, sometimes Mia isn’t having it with the infants.

And sometimes both parties are not so pleasant with each other.


Credit: @boss.bentley

“Hey! I’m not a chew toy! Tell him to stop, Mum!” One of the side effects of being a growing baby is that they discover things by putting them in their mouths.

If ur looking for ur tail u won't find one kid... I don't have one ether 🤔🤔 @boss.twins

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Good thing they can’t move around that fast yet or else Andrew might have to be more active!


Credit: @boss.bentley

“Mum, why is he looking at me like that?” We don’t think the baby is staring at Mia, but trying to figure out what’s on his head.

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