Jeanie And Pippa Prove That Dogs Don’t Need Four Legs To Be Fabulous!

They’re using social media to spread the message that “four legs are overrated”.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee



Jeanie the dog is almost 10 years old. In her ten years, she’s been rescued, became a therapy dog, the star of a children’s book, and a volunteer. She insists on reminding people that even though she’s missing one leg, she’s perfect just the way she is. And almost one year ago, she was given another three-legged partner. Pippa was a stray who was involved in a car accident. Now, there are two three-legged dogs ruling Jeanie’s house! Together they prove that even if there’s something different about a pet, it doesn’t mean anything; all pets are lovable!

Whether it’s lying around in the sun or going to open houses for animal hospitals, every waking moment for these two is all about showing off their skills as tripodal dogs.


Credit:Instagram / @jeanie3legs

The two can be mistaken for twins from their many similarities – tan, tiny, and most importantly, the number of legs! But Jeanie’s ears are a little more floppy and she’s missing her front leg while Pippa’s missing her back leg.


Credit:Instagram / @jeanie3legs

Nothing stops these two from having a good time and enjoying the sunshine together. Everywhere they go they spread their message of hope and joy!

They may be different, but that doesn’t stop them from following their inner pupper instincts!

Watch Pippa go! You could barely see her. And Jeanie’s just basking in the sun like most dogs would do.


Credit:Instagram / @jeanie3legs

She seems to enjoy doing that a lot. Where the sun goes, Jeanie goes too. It’s all about keeping warm and enjoying nature.

Just look how happy and precious she is! Missing one leg doesn’t mean this dogs miss out on life.

But it’s not all relaxing and sunbathing (although there’s a lot of that), Jeanie has a lot of places she has to be.


Credit:Instagram / @jeanie3legs

Here she is at the open house for the Gill-Bright Animal Hospital. Jeanie’s always ready to lend a paw to support clinic helping animals get fixed and ready for their forever homes! Jeanie’s got a job to do and she does it with a smile.


Credit:Instagram / @jeanie3legs

She also goes on a lot of book tours for her best-selling I Don’t Need Four Feet! It’s one thing to love the book and meet the writer, but when you get to meet the star, that’s next level!


Credit:Instagram / @jeanie3legs

And Jeanie and Pippa always love having guests over. The more the merrier – and the more treats probably to “share”.

At the end of the day, it’s all about Jeanie and Pippa and how they’ve overcome obstacles that many thought they couldn’t.


Credit:Instagram / @jeanie3legs

Like look at this whack-a-doodle of a dog. Can you believe that many dogs like Jeanie end up in shelters? Her existence and thriving nature both go to prove that even if a dog is different, they are worthy of love and give love.


Credit:Instagram / @jeanie3legs

She’s even has a portrait of herself for inspiration! Who needs quotes on the wall when you can stare at yourself, am I right?


Credit:Instagram / @jeanie3legs

These two 3-legged partners have each other, and their rescue parent. The love and bond between sisters makes everything else less important. Love literally has no boundaries with these two!

To follow Jeanie and Pippa, check out their Instagram @jeanie3legs. Please consider opening your mind to adoption for dogs like Jeanie and Pippa.