12 Photos Of Dogs Who Took A Stand For Science

In the sea of people, all the “alternative” cats protested against censorship.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Kathy Bender

Credit: Facebook / Kathy Bender

On Earth Day, scientists, public citizens and science supporters (both human and animal) joined together in the march for public access to, and continued funding of credible scientific research. The March for Science offers this statement on their website:

“It’s not only about scientists and politicians; it is about the very real role that science plays in each of our lives and the need to respect and encourage research that gives us insight into the world.”


Credit: Tumblr / @elliethebeagle

Since the election of President Trump science has been under attack. The administration’s movement away from responsible environmental policy, including pulling out of the Paris Agreement,  the climate-change denial of many of its prominent cabinet nominees, the freezing of research grants, and a even a gag order placed on scientists in the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) with respect to the dissemination of their research findings prompted concerned citizens to take action. And so, on Earth Day 2017, they pulled on their sneakers, leashed their dogs and they marched.

Elise Heimowitz‎

Credit: Facebook / Elise Heimowitz

It all began when an anonymous poster named “Beaverteeth92” made a comment regarding the need for a “Scientist’s March on Washington” on Reddit.  Dozens of users applauded the concept including, Jonathan Berman, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Texas Health Science Center. Berman took action and created a Facebook page, Twitter feed and website, all intended to inspire community engagement, dispute the ever more prevalent “alternative facts” presented by the current administration, and above all, to organize a march. The Facebook group that started with only 200 quickly grew to 300,000 in less than a week, and then to whooping 800,000 members.

The Internet took notice…

And people began to take action.

Karthik Mohanarangan

Credit: Facebook / Karthik Mohanarangan

Social media handles of over 15 official US organizations, including NASA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, responded by creating rogue accounts playing off the government’s use “alternative truth.” They named their accounts “@RogueNasa” and “altUSDA.” Make sure to check out the other rogue accounts!

Ella Caron

Credit: Facebook / Ella Caron

Despite the backlash from the online community, many “alternative facts” began to evolve into a rather disturbing a reality. For instance, the USDA removed all public access to treatment and welfare reports of animals kept in zoos, research labs, companies, and circuses, as well as those kept by animal transporters.

Elise Heimowitz3‎

Credit: Facebook / Elise Heimowitz

Animal lovers all over the world showed their solidarity by sharing photos of their pets with the hashtag #NoUSDABlackout. The public responded correctly, since many of these reports involved taxpayers’ money. The removal of the information showed the real dangers of censoring the mistreatment of our furry friends.

And so they took to the streets…

In more than 600 cities worldwide, people marched in the name of science.

Karthik Mohanarangan2

Credit: Facebook / Karthik Mohanarangan

They marched as organizations and individuals who believed in the transparent access to true science and its importance with respect to health, economy, food, and security for all.

John Garrigan‎John Garrigan‎

Credit: Facebook / John Garrigan

The march was not simply Science vs. the US government. It was a intended as a clear statement that governmental funding is absolutely necessary to support scientific studies, especially those that present irrefutable evidence. These are the studies that are vital to the livelihood of the planet and our people. They present the research that will map a path to secure the viability of our future. They are our only hope for a brighter and cleaner tomorrow.

Maggie Crumbo‎

Credit: Facebook / Maggie Crumbo

The march sent the message that scientists and policy makers MUST work together. If the government could defend itself and its “alternative facts,” then there would be no limitations to why, when, and how they could be used. That’s a scary thought.

After the march, the movement continues to grow in strength.

Standing up for the truth!

Aila Heikkinen‎

Credit: Facebook / Aila Heikkinen

A united voice is always stronger than a single cry. Together, those participating urged the public to stop ignoring scientific facts in favor of quick profits, and to start addressing both present and future dangers to the world’s population.

Stephanie Luisa Cech‎

Credit: Facebook / Stephanie Luisa Cech‎

The March for Science reminds us that science doesn’t only matter in high school class rooms or to politicians battling over legislation. It matters to everyone. Those marching hoped to educate and raise awareness about the importance of access to credible science in everyday life and how we can use it to better inform our choices and do our part for the world.

Marina Ferreiro‎

Credit: Facebook / Marina Ferreiro‎

In order to have a bright, successful future, the whole planet needs to work together. And we think that these doggos and humans are setting a great example for all of us!

To learn more or to take action in your community please visit, marchforscience.com