This Basset Hound Saved A Starved, Injured Baby Squirrel

And now they’re the best of friends for LIFE!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @quasimodo.squirrel

When Pongo the Basset Hound went to do his business outside one morning, he started barking. Since he’s usually a quiet dog and doesn’t really bark, his mum followed him to a tiny baby squirrel on the ground. They decided to name him Quasimodo. Janaki Mahatmama, aka Pong and Quasi’s mom, started documenting his journey on Instagram. She calls Quasi her angel and loves him to bits. Quasi is almost completely blind, has a hump on his back, and has monthly seizures. Janaki believes he was pushed out of his nest. Now, he lives with Janaki, Pongo, and her three cats!

Quasi was in bad shape when Pongo found him. At only four weeks old, he was blind, starved, and injured. But thankfully, a warm, loving family took him in.


Credit: Instagram / @quasimodo.squirrel

Pongo stays close to Quasi and makes sure he gets where he needs to be. He makes sure that Quasi always has company.

They’re never far apart from each other.


Credit: Instagram / @quasimodo.squirrel

Pongo has been protecting Quasi since day one. And when they’re hanging out with mum, it’s all about cuddles and making sure Quasi hasn’t fallen somewhere unfamiliar!

But the one thing Quasi can brave better than Pongo is the vacuum! We all know that vacuums are dogs’ number one enemy!


Credit: Instagram / @quasimodo.squirrel

Like any squirrel, Quasi is a big fan of peanuts. His favorite are pistachios! Pongo likes to help himself to Quasi’s nut collection because that’s what BFFs are for!

When Quasi’s not running around or climbing, he’s usually chilling next to Pongo on the couch.


Credit: Instagram / @quasimodo.squirrel

These two look like they’re all tuckered out and in need of couch time. Plus, Pongo is too old to be running around like baby Quasi.

Janaki’s cats aren’t as loving as Pongo when it comes to Quasi. They don’t seem to understand why he’s even in the house!


Credit: Instagram / @quasimodo.squirrel

So, at the end of the day, Quasi is all about his mom and Pongo. Because they’re the ones who have loved him since day one!

For more photos of Quasi, follow him on Instagram @quasimodo.squirrel!