This Sleeping Shiba Has No Idea How Adorable It Looks Dressed Up

If your dog spent half the day sleeping, you’d make the best of it, too!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram / @lauraiz

When Laura Izumikawa started dressing up her infant daughter in cute little costumes, people flocked to her Instagram account and loved all of her photos. Baby Joey is a year old now, and her mom still dresses her up while she’s asleep. Over half a million people follow Laura’s account for these cute little photo shoots. Can you blame them? People love cute things in little outfits.

It’s even funnier when the photo’s subjects are not aware of and/or awake for their cuteness. I’m talking about baby Joey and Ai-Chan the Shiba.

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

Meet this adorable sleeping Shiba named Ai-Chan. At 13 years old, she’s still as cute as ever! The photos of her when she’s awake are just as aww-worthy as the photos her humans construct when she’s sleeping. In similar fashion to Laura, Ai-Chan’s humans wait for her to fall asleep before they start building a photo. This action scene features one of Ai-Chan’s sidekick dog pillows — there’s a French Bulldog (pictured above) and another Shiba!

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

Every shot shows Ai-Chan doing something different! The photos range from Ai-Chan doing mundane household chores to partaking in fantastical adventures, like swimming in the ocean. She must sleep for a long time, since it looks like a lot of planning and props are required for her photos. She looks undisturbed in all of them so it must be very quiet, too!

While Ai-Chan doesn’t have as big of a following as baby Joey, she does have an impressive 15, 900 followers! That’s definitely a lot of love for her.

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

Ai-Chan and her French Bulldog sidekick are playing Suikawari. Suikawari is a traditional Japanese game where blind-folded people split watermelons with a stick. It’s kind of like a Japanese piñata, but instead of candy falling out, you get a perfectly split watermelon!

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

All of Ai-Chan’s photos come with a Japanese and an English caption, since her humans know a lot of the people following them aren’t from Japan. It definitely looks like they put a lot of thought into these photos!

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

But sometimes, the simple things in life are the best. Like this banana Ai-Chan – only two bananas were required for this masterpiece. Sometimes, that’s all you need.

Sleeping Ai-Chan gets a lot of things done.

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

Here she is with her Frenchie directing traffic as policewoman Ai-Chan. It’s not always fun and games with these two! They must complete their tasks and responsibilities before they can celebrate with food.

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

Food time! Right after work, they go grocery shopping and buy lots of vegetables. It looks like they’re making soup!

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

To end the night, Ai-Chan and Frenchie have some tea to warm their bellies. It’s an excellent way to turn down for the night and to bond with your bestie!

A sleeping dog can do more than you ever imagined!

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

Ai-Chan is catching some z’s on the airplane. She’s resting up before she starts her missions with BB-8 and R2D2. We imagine that she’ll need a lot of sleep!

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

Sometimes, Ai-Chan is literally a part of the scene. She’s acting as the smile part of this apple-stick face! We’d totally use an emoji set like this!

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

It always comes back to her adventures with the Frenchie. Ai-Chan is picking fresh apples for her kitchen! Some people find it more satisfying to pick their own produce! I hope they’re making pie.

She’s a very busy Shiba and always has something to do!

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

To prepare for the cold winter months, Ai-Chan is knitting some cozy clothes and blankets. Hopefully, she and Frenchie are having a good conversation because knitting can be boring.

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

Grocery shopping is a necessity if you’re always cooking with fruits and veggies like Ai-Chan, and you always need to bring a friend to help you carry everything you buy!

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

The next step is prepping the ingredients for dinner time. There will be no rest for Ai-Chan, especially since she’s making sushi tonight. Her food looks like it’s going to be delicious.

We’re surprised she isn’t a bee because she’s busy, busy!

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

Ai-Chan and her Frenchie are celebrating Setsubun. On Setsubun in Japan, everyone eats the same number of beans for every year they’ve been alive! The beans are meant to keep you healthy for the rest of the year.

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

Ai-Chan seems to have a lot of chores. She’s bear-sitting while ironing laundry. The Frenchie doesn’t seem to be helping, but he’s probably just there for moral support!

Credit: Instagram / @fujisan99

She’s even a doctor! When your bestie is sick, you need to go full-gear mode and give him the best treatment ever! That’s true love.

For more cute photos of Ai-Chan, follow her on Instagram @fujisan99!