Dawn And Her Little Sister Reign Are Two Fluffy Huskies In A Pod

Whether they’re playing or sleeping, they’re always together.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @dawn_the_husky

“I’m just taste testing her! You keep calling her Cinnamon bun!” It kind of looks like you’re trying to get rid of Reign there, Dawn.

Getting a new sibling can be tough. You either get your spotlight stolen from you, or you make it big enough that you both fit! That’s just what Dawn the Husky did when she got her little sister Reign!

Born on Christmas Day, Dawn is less than a year older than Reign, and that’s what makes their relationship that much better. Reign is not just Dawn’s little sister – she’s her new best friend! The pair live in sunny Australia and like to sleep on the cool linoleum floor together. Reign doesn’t know what a personal bubble is and loves Dawn so much!


Credit: Instagram / @dawn_the_husky

Partaking in a wrestling match with your much bigger older sister might not be the best idea! Well, Reign didn’t agree with that statement and decided to take Dawn on! Even though Reign is losing, it looks like she’s having a great time!


Credit: Instagram / @dawn_the_husky

Even during break time, Reign has to stick right next to Dawn. According to her paw-rents, she’s just a little bit (a lot) clingy.

Having two rowdy Huskies, who are still relatively young, can be quite exciting.


Credit: Instagram / @dawn_the_husky

They can even make a third sibling with all the fur they shed. Dawn is definitely thrilled about making the duo a trio!


Credit: Instagram / @dawn_the_husky

We think Dawn is malfunctioning a little bit, but it’s okay. You just boop her nose to restart her, and she’s as good as new!


Credit: Instagram / @dawn_the_husky

When the sisters’ food gets delivered, it’s a happy day for everyone. They get their expensive food and another “bed” to sleep and play in.

But even without the boxes, these sisters know how to have a good time.


Credit: Instagram / @dawn_the_husky

Dawn likes to pin Reign down, but we don’t think Reign knows it could be a bad thing. Just look at that silly face!


Credit: Instagram / @dawn_the_husky

Even after the new-ness of the box goes away, Dawn stays in it! It’s prime cardboard – super cozy and fits all kinds of Huskies!


Credit: Instagram / @dawn_the_husky

It’s not what it looks like. Dawn’s just trying to shush a howler. This is what happens when you make a ruckus during mid-afternoon naptime, Reign!

At the very least, having a sibling is great because you always have a cuddle buddy!


Credit: Instagram / @dawn_the_husky

“We’re guarding the doors because our paw-rents say we’re freeloaders. We’re really just falling sleep listening to the cars outside.” Points for trying, girls!


Credit: Instagram / @dawn_the_husky

They even share their crates! That’s real dedication, since those crates aren’t meant for two big doggies. It’s Reign’s turn to look slightly annoyed in a photo.


Credit: Instagram / @dawn_the_husky

Once they fall asleep on the linoleum floor, all is forgiven. They’ve got the coolness of the floor, the coziness of each other, and countless activities they’ll do together when they wake up!

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