These Chihuahua Sisters Have Two Modes: On And Off

There’s no stopping them when they’re awake, and there’s no waking them up when they’re asleep.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram / @ao.mono

Bedtime is the last thing on this pair’s mind. Right now, they’re fighting until one of them is knocked out or someone surrenders. Gloves up! Chihuahuas are pocket-sized, adorable monsters who weigh practically nothing and can be quite timid. Now, Chihuahuas have a different perception of themselves. They have feisty attitudes, are full of energy, and think they are the masters of the world. These Chihuahua sisters are proof of that. When they’re awake, it’s all tiny hops and laps around the room, but when they’re out, a bulldozer couldn’t wake them up.

Credit: Instagram / @ao.mono

There’s something about the sun that makes puppers super sleepy. You can’t really keep your eyes open while sunbathing, so sleep is inevitable. It’s lights out for these two!

Credit: Instagram / @ao.mono

This one’s waking up from her well-deserved slumber. As soon as her sister wakes up, they’ll both be running around the house! When they’re that tiny, it’s hard to keep up!

These energetic powerhouses have one-of-a-kind personalities!

Credit: Instagram / @ao.mono

“Boo, I’m stuck in this bag and have to sleep. Luckily, someone is carrying me. Onward, peasant!” You can get away with a sassy attitude when you’re this adorably exhausted.

Credit: Instagram / @ao.mono

On rare occasions, they do sit still-ish. We definitely think there’s a treat behind the camera! Such trickery!

Credit: Instagram / @ao.mono

Look at those rays beaming down beautifully on these sleeping sisters. They must be so exhausted with all they do.

We’re starting to think that these two like to be “off” more than “on” with all this napping that happens.

Credit: Instagram / @ao.mono

But the rare times they’re not attacking each other or napping together, they’re running amuck outside. We wonder if they ever try to race each other or if they just have to be next to each other at all times.

Credit: Instagram / @ao.mono

They’re sitting still again … because they’ll get treats! It’s comical that their adorable pink bows look longer than their tiny bodies. They’ve forgotten about the camera, as they’re both in a treat-trance.

Credit: Instagram / @ao.mono

Let’s be honest. Nobody looks good when they’re sleeping. We wish we could sleep this peacefully whenever we wanted, but humans have too many responsibilities!

It’s easier to keep track of the pair when they’re in “off” mode.

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If “off” mode means unlimited head massages, please sign me up! Massages are relaxing and help relieve stress – like these dogs have any stress.

Credit: Instagram / @ao.mono

No matter how much you’ve napped, walking can still be a hassle. It’s a good thing their owner doesn’t mind chauffeuring them around in pockets and purses.

Credit: Instagram / @ao.mono

This photo illustrates how quickly a surplus of energy can turn into a slumber session. Sometimes, exhaustion can hit you like a ton of bricks.

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