Zelda The Aussie Puppy Was Born Part Unicorn!

Yup, you read that right. She’s the world’s only Unidog.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee

Credit: Instagram / @zeldatheunidog

The unicorn craze has expressed itself in so many different ways. Within the last little while alone, we’ve had Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino, unicorn hair, unicorn hot chocolate, and unicorn makeup brushes. Legend says that once every 1,000 years, a puppy is chosen to be the world’s only Unidog. Their role in the world is to be a beacon of magical hope for those feeling blue. I think that we can all agree that Zelda the Unidog, who is also a therapy dog in training, is the cutest and least irritating form of the majestic rainbow creature!

One business that reacted and truly embraced the unicorn craze is Brooklyn Owl. Since starting in 2010, creator Annie Bruce has given people and pets, including Zelda, an opportunity to express their true unicorn roots with an assortment of intricately designed horns! Bruce, who initially made the unicorn horns for her daughter’s fourth birthday party, never imagined her unique horns would end up in stores around the world.

Together, Zelda, the official Brooklyn Owl Unidog, and Brooklyn Owl have taken the Internet by storm!

Credit: Instagram / @zeldatheunidog

Zelda is an Australian Shepherd puppy who won’t go anywhere without her adorable little unicorn horn. Luckily, she’s the official Unidog and can get her paws on horns of all styles and colors.

Credit: Instagram / @zeldatheunidog

Zelda is very used to wearing her horns, since she’s basically been wearing them her entire life. According to legend, the first Unidog walked amongst the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs never attacked the beautiful Unidog. Instead, they admired its beauty and grace.

Credit: Instagram / @zeldatheunidog

Zelda is always smiling! If you were a magical unicorn that everyone fawned over, I’m pretty sure you’d be smiling, too! Here she’s sporting Brooklyn Owl’s Sparkle Rainbow Ear set!

Since she’s just in training, she has a lot of downtime.

Credit: Instagram / @zeldatheunidog

She’s still a Unidog puppy after all! Zelda spends her mornings chilling with her mommy at coffee shops. While she might be on mommy’s lap right now, she’ll soon be too big to sit on laps comfortably! Do it while you still can, Zelda!

Credit: Instagram / @zeldatheunidog

Zelda loves her gold horn, but sometimes, to switch it up, she wears her rainbow horn! Either horn choice looks stunning on her, and we’re pretty sure she knows it, too! I’m a fan of all these unicorn horns. If you tell me your favorite one, I’ll tell you mine.

Credit: Instagram / @zeldatheunidog

Zelda is not the only one who gets to wear this eye-catching accessory. One of her BFFs likes to wear a unicorn horn, too! This one comes complete with adorable rainbow ears. Zelda and her friend are communicating, but I have no idea what they’re saying to each other. #JustUnicornThings

Credit: Instagram / @zeldatheunidog

You best believe that Zelda wears her unicorn horn when she goes to get her ice cream fix. She’s doing her duty and representing Brooklyn Owl all over the country. Like the saying goes, it’s the dog that makes the unicorn horn, not that unicorn horn that makes the dog. That’s how that saying goes, right?

She’s growing up so fast and her horn is growing with her!

Credit: Instagram / @zeldatheunidog

Dressing up just because is a lot of fun! On this glamorous day, Zelda decided to pair her pink horn with some golden pearls. Some days you have to let yourself feel prim, proper, and pretty!

Credit: Instagram / @zeldatheunidog

With great horns, comes great personality – UnicornMan. Zelda is growing up to be a big Unidog. She understands that with her horn has the power to help those in need!

Credit: Instagram / @zeldatheunidog

I thought I’d surprise you with a baby photo of Zelda ft. a baby horn. The Brooklyn-based company makes horns of all sizes, so everyone can get in on the unicorn magic!

Credit: Instagram / @zeldatheunidog

Who knew putting a little horn on a dog would be so cute? Make sure you check out Brooklyn Owl’s website to learn about all their unique products … and maybe put in a special order for you and your pet!

We haven’t forgotten about Brooklyn Owl’s Official Unidog Zelda! For more adorable pictures and absurd cuteness, follow Zelda on Instagram!