Man Photoshops His Dog To Make Him Larger Than Life

These amazing photos will make you want a giant dog.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
christophercline3Credit: Instagram / @christophercline

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if your dog was as big as you or even bigger than you? We’ve all seen Clifford the Big Red dog and could only imagine how much easier (and amazing) life would be. If you want to get anywhere quickly, just climb your giant dog. You want to take an impromptu nap? Your dog’s got you as a massive mattress. The possibilities are endless and the only downside we can see is grooming and picking up after them.

christophercline9Credit: Instagram / @christophercline

Christopher Cline takes his imagination to the next level and Photoshops his dog, Juji to ginormous sizes. The photos are usually day-to-day activities like going on walks, riding a boat or playing on the beach.

christophercline5Credit: Instagram / @christophercline

His Photoshop skills are impressive and make it almost believable the Juji might have a strange genetic defect to his body that makes him the World’s Biggest Golden Doodle.

christophercline4Credit: Instagram / @christophercline

He also features other giant animals such as this tortoise with whom they bumped into on a walk. They took the opportunity to take an album cover.

Some photos are more realistic than others, but they’re all made in good fun.

christophercline11Credit: Instagram / @christophercline

Juji: Come on, Dad. Just throw the stick! Stop taking photos.

Chris: But, Juji, this is a great Photoshop opportunity.

christophercline2Credit: Instagram / @christophercline

This photo looks like an ode to The Notebook, but it’s probably less on the romantic side than on the adventure side.

christopherclineCredit: Instagram / @christophercline

Christopher trying to teach his giant Goldendoodle how to surf. It may be challenging, not for Juji’s big size, but because it may be difficult to hear instruction over the waves.

christophercline6Credit: Instagram / @christophercline

When you meet at the breakfast table and one of you starts yawning, then everyone starts yawning. We’re not thinking giant Juji’s doggy breath would be the greatest thing to encounter first thing in the morning, but it would definitely help wake us up!

As silly as these photos may be, they’re fun and adorable to follow.

christophercline7Credit: Instagram / @christophercline

We usually only see photos of dogs following humans around, but with these, it’s as if Christopher is following Juji around.

christophercline8Credit: Instagram / @christophercline

And it really shows the incredible bond humans and dogs can have. You could just have a dog and sit around with him all day OR you can Photoshop him and show the world how incredible he is.

christophercline12Credit: Instagram / @christophercline

There’s no winning way to bond with and document your dog, but Christopher’s way is pretty unique. He’s just trying to show how close he is with Juji by making him as big in photos as big as he is in his life.

christophercline10Credit: Instagram / @christophercline

Besides, who else can say that they have a photo of their dog biking them “home” on a bicycle? Yup, that’s what we thought.

For more Photoshopped photos of Christopher and Juji, follow them on Instagram @christophercline.