12 Super Hero Pets Ready To Protect The World

Or just look really cute in their costumes.

By Catalina Barrios
RankerCredit: Ranker

You may have heard of a little movie that in its premiere weekend made a whooping $100 Million USD in North America. Wonder Woman is now the biggest-grossing comic book superhero movie featuring a woman, a woman who I dressed up many times when I was little girl.

There are times we need someone or a special power to save our day. These adorable animals dressed up as superheroes will make you want to be rescued all the time.

What’s your dog’s super personality? Have a look at some of our favorites:

1. Wonder Woman

chloekardoggianCredit: Instagram / @chloekardoggian 

“Chloe” is ready to save the world. 

2. “Cat” America

waffles_the_catCredit: Instagram / @waffles_the_cat 

This is one of the cutest “Captain America” interpretations I have even seen. Is this cat likely to save us from anything? Probably not, but you have to admit it’s really cute.

3. Partners in Crime

nickyroquemodelandmCredit: Instagram / @nickyroquemodelandmom

Batman and Robin are always ready to fight the bad people for the good guys. I wonder if there was any struggle putting their costumes on…

4. “Robin” Bunny

allgeektomeradioCredit: Instagram / @allgeektomeradio

This bunny is ready to join the Yorkies’ Batman and Robin “Save the World” patrol. Do super heroes travel with lint rollers?

5. The Super Hero Squad

pawsathomepetsittingCredit: Instagram / @pawsathomepetsitting

What an adorable team ready to conquer the world represented by four irresistible pugs.

6. Captain “Corgi” America

clevergirl_hannahCredit: Instagram / @clevergirl_hannah

What better way to fuel up on energy than going to the beach …

7. Spiderman Cat

catspiderman Credit: Instagram jayne.alexandria

“Meow”. As Spiderman says “with great power comes great responsibility”. Ready to save the world … or stop to play with toys.

8. Clark “Poodle” Kent

pogithetoyCredit: Instagram / @pogithetoy 

What a cute way of representing Clark Kent also known as Superman. This poodle is ready for an assignment to save the world.

9. Super Golden

highsocietycanineCredit: Instagram / @highsocietycanine 

This fashionable and tiny Super Woman is ready to rock the world.

10. Team Work

petsworldCredit: PetsWorld

Working together to make this world a better one. Super baby with dog sidekicks!

11. Super “Cat”Woman

bestfriends.orgCredit: bestfriends.org 

There is no job this fearless Super Woman can’t do, especially if it involves saving people and animals from danger.

12. Best Friends. Batman Forever.

the_blueboysCredit: Instagram / @the_blueboys

Darren & Phillip will rescue you from any bandits, reason why they have earned their “Super Hero” award.

I would love this costume for my dog.

superheropugs Photo: Owned By Pugs

While these super pugs probably can’t do much in terms of protecting you, they look pretty serious in these suits!