Think You’ve Seen Giant Cats? Meet Omar The Maine Coon!

Omar the Maine Coon is bigger than his Sheltie siblings and he’s not apologizing.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
omar_mainecoonCredit: Instagram / @omar_mainecoon

We’ve seen a lot of big cats on the Internet. And all of the big cats are of the same breed: Maine Coon! They rival the size of medium dogs and are hefty little things. They’re the largest breed of domesticated cats out there, but at one point they almost disappeared when long-haired kitties were introduced into the pet marketplace. However, in true King Cat fashion, they made a comeback and are now one of the most popular cat breeds of the world, and of course, online.

omar_mainecoon3Credit: Instagram / @omar_mainecoon

Omar and his siblings live in Melbourne, Australia. Omar has the privilege of being the house pet of low expectations from his human owners. He lounges at home while Penny and Rafiki, his doggy siblings, train  in agility trials.

omar_mainecoon2Credit: Instagram / @omar_mainecoon

As hard as they train, they’re still a tiny bit smaller than their giant feline brother, Omar. But, they don’t seem to mind. They’re all one big happy family, and on the Shelties’ days off, they all end up doing the same things – like waiting for treats!

omar_mainecoon4Credit: Instagram / @omar_mainecoon

Omar doesn’t know he’s different from any other kitty. But you can see just how much more space he takes up on his daddy’s chest when they’re taking an afternoon catnap. That is one LARGE kitty!

Being the biggest boy in the house certainly has it’s perks.

omar_mainecoon5Credit: Instagram / @omar_mainecoon

When you’re that tall, you can reach for anything on the counter when you think the humans aren’t looking. But – they’re ALWAYS looking. +10 points for effort, though.

omar_mainecoon6Credit: Instagram / @omar_mainecoon

You never have to feel left out of the doggy world when being the only cat. When you’re (almost) the same size, you can whisper secrets to each other far more easily. #BFFs

omar_mainecoon7Credit: Instagram / @omar_mainecoon

But like any other cat, if he fits, he sits. There’s just something about containers and well defined spaces that cats must fit into!


Credit: Instagram / @omar_mainecoon

Plus, being the only and the biggest cat in your squad means that you have the one-up on being the leader of your crew!

For more photos of this big cat and his siblings, follow him on Instagram @omar_mainecoon!