These Beautiful, But Unphotogenic Dogs Will Make Your Day!

The camera doesn’t always love us as we want it to.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Michaela HalvorsonCredit: Facebook / Michaela Halvorson

We love taking photos of our dogs. As soon as they came home with us, the phone was out recording every single moment of the day. The dog is sitting – gotta take a picture. The dog is yawning -gotta take a picture. The dog is making an accident – gotta take a picture and clean up after. We think our furry friends are the absolute cutest pups around. They probably are, but like humans, some dogs just can’t catch a break with the camera.

Bug RichCredit: Facebook / Bug Rich

Sometimes, the photos that come out are absolutely atrocious, but absolutely hilarious. According to Facebook user Bug Rich, this is Skeletor who is usually adorable, but cannot take a good photo for her life. He also thinks this candid photo should be used for an “anti-drug ad”.

Sam SchmittCredit: Facebook / Sam Schmitt

This Pitty likes to relax by lying down, but also likes to stare at any human in her vicinity. The result is this creepy stare. We love her no matter how creepy this may be!

Rosa NguyenCredit: Facebook / Rosa Nguyen

Pitty is enjoying some fresh air, but his human’s caught him looking Derpy AF. The under bite nails the shot and we rate it 10/10 on the worst tagged photos scale ever.

It only gets better from here.

Annabel Armstrong-TaitCredit: Facebook / Annabel Armstrong-Tait

Trying to get a photo of your dog while she has the zoomies is like trying not to be dizzy after spinning in a circle 100 times. This Pug needs to zoom!

Janessa JobeCredit: Facebook / Janessa Jobe

This little gremlin likes to sit and smile like a human. The result is exactly what you’d think it’d be.

Alexis WarmanCredit: Facebook / Alexis Warman

You might have brought your adorable fluffy dog on a walk in the woods, but once in the woods, your fluffy dog turned into a fluffy gargoyle demanding to be released into the wild!

Sarah YoungCredit: Facebook / Sarah Young

As the human, you should know your dog’s good angles. But for laughs, knowing their bad angles is worth it too. You get cute shots like this!

For an easy shot – just bathe your dog.

Danielle CantrellCredit: Facebook / Danielle Cantrell

Your dog, once under water, undergoes a magical transformation. She is unrecognizable wet and can go undercover with you on a mission to find the tastiest bones!

Deborah ApthorpCredit: Facebook / Deborah Apthorp

The money shots are really when your dogs are sleeping. Like humans, it’s not always the prettiest shot, but it’ll be a great laugh when you look back on it!

Emily IsaksonCredit: Facebook / Emily Isakson

When your doggy is really excited, they may get ugly excited. Then she transforms into a fuzzy gremlin that’ll make you love her more!

Kristan ThornCredit: Facebook / Kristan Thorn

Then there’s the candid, “I see treats and I’m coming for you” shots. This hound cannot contain his excitement or ears for treats!

We saved the best for last. Don’t go anywhere!

Lindsay WilsonCredit: Facebook / Lindsay Wilson

Sometimes we look at our dog’s photos and wonder how they’re not stuffed animals that didn’t fit right with the standard ones. Their crazy eyes and floof are just unbelievably cute!

Matthew DavisCredit: Facebook / Matthew Davis

Some of our dogs are just unlucky that we caught them in unfortunate positions. It’s hard to be comfortable and graceful looking!

Sarah LouiseCredit: Facebook / Sarah Louise

Then you have the unfortunate event of being born with “Resting Stoned Face”. Since Chihuahuas have to be asleep for most of the day, it’s hard for them to keep their eyes open and they looked stoned!

Kaszel OngCredit: Facebook / Kaszel Ong

And this is what we end with. The thing of nightmares comes in the form of this floofy bean. We love him so much it hurts us!

Can we see some of your dog’s “unfortunate” photos?