Guess How Many Rescue Dogs Selena Gomez Has

More reasons to love this American sweetheart

By Catalina Barrios
Star ChangesCredit: Star Changes

Who doesn’t remember seeing Selena Gomez in one of Disney’s most successful TV shows, “Wizards of Waverly Place”? We have seen her tour around the world with her sold out concerts and also saw her on and off relationship with Justin Bieber.

WallpaperCaveCredit: WallpaperCave

At 25 years old, this popular singer and actress, who held the record for most liked photo on Instagram ever, wants her fans to know about a part of her life that is very special to her. No it’s not her famous boyfriends or bff Taylor Swift, but her love for rescuing dogs! Like, many, many dogs!

selenagomez2Credit: Instagram / @selenagomez

Some may think that because she is famous and rich, she can easily afford to pay thousands of dollars for a dog but she chooses another, very special route, which is to rescue dogs. She says it makes sense to get a rescue dog since there are so many in need of a lovable home.  Makes sense to us!

selenagomez3Credit: Instagram / @selenagomez

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