Merlin The Cat Is Mad It’s Only Wednesday

He’s always mad and there’s nothing you can do about it.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @merlinragdoll

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think, “ugh, this day is going to be awful?” Well, like any other self-fulfilling prophecy, it turns out to be true. You can’t find that one shirt you want to wear, your socks don’t match and you thought you had an extra five minutes, but really you’re fifteen minutes late. Now, you’re stuck in traffic and have no time to get coffee and have to settle for the less than adequate coffee in the office. When you’re finally kind of caffeinated, you realize you have 15+ unread e-mails that do not look at all appealing or easy to do. And it’s only 9:30 in the morning!


Credit: Instagram / @merlinragdoll

Soon, everyone starts passing you and you try so hard to make you facial expression neutral, but you end up looking like Merlin the kitty. Some people avoid you and other “caring” people try to ask you what’s wrong.


Credit: Instagram / @merlinragdoll

“WELL, SUSAN*, some days are just awful and there’s nothing we can do about it,” is what you want to say, but instead you just throw your hands up and shrug. Susan leaves. You’re still grumpy.


Credit: Instagram / @merlinragdoll

Merlin knows exactly how you feel about the mid-week crisis and perfectly emulates your mood of frustration mixed with apathy – you just want to go home where nothing can bother you!

Literally everything in Merlin’s life doesn’t please him.


Credit: Instagram / @merlinragdoll

It started in his kitten days when he realized he wasn’t the only adorable one in the litter since all his siblings looked like him.

“Yeah, well, I’m fluffy AND sassy. Take that, Bonnie!”


Credit: Instagram / @merlinragdoll

“Oh, the human wants some cute shots for the Internet, eh? Well, I’m not giving them cute!! Just attitude!”

Merlin was later disappointed that a lot of people on the Internet loved his grumpy face – that wasn’t the point!


Credit: Instagram / @merlinragdoll

“My GOODNESS, Susan! I’m telling you that these walks are about the peace and quiet I need for my stress!”

Merlin does not like to be disturbed.


Credit: Instagram / @merlinragdoll

“I’m just going to sit here and glare at everyone passing by because I feel like it.”

No one can out grump the Grumpuss of the neighborhood.

Merlin doesn’t even appreciate the nice things.


Credit: Instagram / @merlinragdoll

“Stop and smell the flowers they say, ugh. This isn’t pleasant at all!”
Who knew that roses could be this disappointing??


Credit: Instagram / @merlinragdoll

“Oh, so it’s my birthday and I shouldn’t look so GRUMPY? I thought that this day was about me!”

And that’s when Merlin realized he could evoke “I can do whatever I want” card on his birthday.


Credit: Instagram / @merlinragdoll

“Yes, I forced myself in my human’s hood because it pleases me and I am comfortable. Get that camera out of my face so I can nap in peace!!”


Credit: Instagram / @merlinragdoll

“What? I’m supposed to be HAPPY that you got all these toys for me, Susan????? Well, I can’t just play with them by myself!!”

We wonder what will finally please Merlin.

If you ever want to join a bitter kitty party, just follow Merlin on Instagram.


Credit: Instagram / @merlinragdoll

He’ll show you just how to be grumpy and regal at the same time. He’ll even teach you to be mad about things you didn’t know you could be mad about!


Credit: Instagram / @merlinragdoll

Next time someone tells you to smile, show them this picture of Merlin and say, “Would you tell this CAT TO SMILE???” Then that person will be terrified and leave you alone to recuperate.


Credit: Instagram / @merlinragdoll

When you’re in that mood, nothing can help and you just want to be angry in your own corner. Merlin knows and supports your right to be angry.


Credit: Instagram / @merlinragdoll

Merlin teaches us the valuable lesson that every emotion is valid – even if you’re not as happy as a sunflower all the time!

For more Grumpy Merlin, follow him on Instagram @merlinragdoll!

*Susan is a fictional person and unrelated to Merlin in any way!