The Best Of Unleashed In The City’s Annual Howloween Pup Parade

In Its Fourth Year, This Costume Contest Brought Out Toronto’s Best

By The Get Leashed Events Team


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Boo! Halloween is finally here. The Get Leashed team hopes that you and your pets are prepared for a spoopy and chilly night. We bet that your costumes are probably adorable – tag us in your photos if you’d like to be featured in our roundup or use #GetLeashedHalloween2017! If you’re like some people who have their Halloween costumes planned since last year, then you’re probably super excited to showcase your masterpiece. Other people, like me (Justyne), are just waiting for the chocolate to be on sale and gain my “winter warmth” weight.

If your doggo (or cat) is anything like Zero from Tim Burton’sĀ Nightmare Before Christmas, then they’re probably super excited to get all the extra attention and pats at all the events. Just like all the Toronto doggos that attended Unleashed In The City’s Howloween Pup Parade this year!

Photo: Pete Thorne Photography

Pups big and small and their humans came together to show off their cute costumes. The influx of Pugs didn’t intimidate any of the other doggos.

Photo: Pete Thorne Photography

The fluffy crew and their human entourage walked the streets of Toronto showcasing their Howloween pride! Dogs dressed as food (yay, hot dogs!), super heroes, the working class, just about anything you can imagine, walked alongside their humans for the long awaited Pup Parade. We need these every day.

Photo: Pete Thorne Photography

The cold weather didn’t stop any participants from having fun. However, the few royal pets insisted to be held for some of the walk!

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