Dog Walker Diaries – Meet Lindsay Shostal

Dog walking under Friday night lights

By Lindsay Shostal

Hi-ya, I’m Lindsay! I’m a dog walker and this is my diary …  I’m really excited to guide you through dog culture in the big city from the perspective of someone who works with (and loves) a lot of dogs.  This is where I’ll share training secrets, useful tips and hilarious stories. Welcome to my Dog Walker Diary. Be sure to visit back often!


A stroll down Queen Street West.  Logan and I stop in to see our friends at the bank, TD Canada Trust. I make a deposit, and Logan wants to withdraw some bones.

A quick pop-in to a surplus store to hunt down some discounted goodies (unsuccessful), but we did find a crate full of limbless plastic dolls that gave Logan a good fright!  …

Then we swung by one of our favourite places: Chapters/Indigo.  Logan loooooves the book store.   It’s large, spacious, and often full of curious dog-loving customers. The book store is one of my favourite places to take him. He knows if he stands very still in the magazine isle, it won’t be long before the next person comes along who won’t be able to resist giving him some attention.

I’ve raised Logan downtown, and he’s most comfortable in large crowds. He loves the hustle and bustle that would overwhelm most dogs. His added height is a huge advantage. He can easily navigate the crowded streets without fear of being stepped on. People can’t miss the ‘mini-horse’, that is my very tall Doberdog!

Not only is getting your dog used to being in new situations beneficial, it gives you a special opportunity to develop a bond that typical trips to the park can’t provide. A lot of these stores can provide a quiet place for your dog to slowly adapt and get used to new people, surroundings and situations. Keeping your dog calm and happy is the key to a successful trip out. Not every dog does well in unpredictable environments so you need to keep that in mind and be sensitive to it.


A few other dog-friendly places to visit in Toronto include Canadian Tire, Winners, HomeSense and Marks Work Warehouse, many of which have dog treats waiting behind the counter. Most places that don’t serve food are usually happy to see a wagging tail! Of course, it’s always best to get an employee’s nod of approval before you dart into the store, dog in tow.

I know, what a wild and crazy Friday night but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you see me and my Doberdog at a store near you, do give Logan a gentle pat on the head and a paw shake hello!