Kyle Kofsky

Get Leashed takes over the private workspace of a creative maverick

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

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Life has always been about the little things. Happiness is in the details. ~ Kyle Kofsky

City: Toronto


About you: I’m a cultural curator – engaging the world with art. I’m also a spokesperson for Missing Children Society of Canada. Lover of film, photography, travel and fashion and, of course, Paris.

About your pet: Mordecai is a Maltese Pomeranian. He is full of life and likes to cause trouble.

What’s your personal style? Classic.

What’s your home style? Lived in.

What inspires you? My everyday world and the people I get to collaborate with.

Tell us a pet story. Having Mordecai in my life has taught me more about patience and love than anything ever could. Not to mention I will never need to have a working doorbell again.