Meet Dr. Sheldon, Get Leashed Veterinarian-In-Residence

Our in-house vet gives us a candid peek inside his world

By the Get Leashed Health Team

It’s hard finding a vet you like. It’s even harder to navigate through pages of often contradictory pet health information online. Can chocolate really poison your dog? What about grapes? Are some types of litter bad for your cat?  Wait, should veterinary check-ups happen every nine months, or is it every other year? My dog LOVES carrots, so all “people food” can’t really be that bad, can it? We know it can be confusing finding the answers you need online. That’s why we’re stepping in to lend a hand.

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Meet Dr. Sheldon, an acclaimed and award-winning veterinarian with 31 years of experience. An animal lover through-and-through, Dr. Sheldon will be making multiple appearances in various sections of Get Leashed Magazine. He’s here to address your concerns, answer your questions and share stories and anecdotes about his pug, Lawrence. We couldn’t be happier to have the good doctor as part of our team.


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Please note that in emergency situations it is best to get your pet to a veterinary hospital prior to consulting the internet. Additionally, the advice provided by Dr. Sheldon or respective Get Leashed personalities is not to be considered a replacement for proper veterinary care, or regular check-ups with your local animal hospital. When in doubt, always visit your vet first.