Cheryl Gushue

Get Leashed crashes the east side loft of Toronto city-girl and swimwear designer

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team


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“To me, life is what you make it. It’s short and it’s a gift, so appreciate everything, everyone and every moment!” ~ Cheryl Gushue

City: Toronto

About me:  Designer, makeup artist, beauty educator, stylist, creative director, media spokesperson. My mind is a sponge for all information and inspiration. My Gemini personality keeps me very busy with many creative projects. I live to travel and experience new things. Cooking is one of my many talents/passions, which stems from all the fantastic restaurants I’ve experienced all over the world.

Tell us about your pets: Tuna is an orange tabby boy. Samba is a Norwegian Forest-style female cat. They are brother and sister from the same litter. They both have a bend at the tip of their tails! Yes, they look totally different, but that’s the interesting thing about cats and their offspring. They are 13 years old. I got them as kittens when I responded to a “free kittens” sign in a card shop on Queen West. For 13 years now, every single time I come home, they are at the door to greet me.  They have been my support through thick and thin and are always there for me.

Tuna is the joker – energetic, in your face, acts like a dog-cat. I can rough him up a little and he loves it. He’s very receptive. We have full on conversations…. He tells me off all the time.  Both curious and mischievous, he can destroy a roll of toilet paper in the blink of an eye.


Samba is always referred to as “the other cat.” She takes a backseat to Tuna since she is way more chill and more of a big eater and sleeper, which apparently has taken a toll on what used to be girlish figure. To be honest, she looks a bit like a glamorous little raccoon.

What’s your personal style? One of a kind, modern, dark, sexy, strong, and  of course, mainly all black. My favorite designers are Helmut Lang, Rick Owens, Gucci. I am not girly, but I always like being feminine.

What’s your home style? Eclectic, cozy beach house meets the urban city. Mixtures of reclaimed industrial, ‘60s vintage and new elements. Black, white and grey with an accent pop of bright pink or bright green in my flowers and books. My loft is my life, work and retail outlet, as well as my cozy sanctuary where I can chill.  I love to cook and entertain, so I really enjoy my open space and big kitchen. In short, I’m a loft lover.

What inspires you? Travelling to countries with culture. Architecture. Interior design. The beauty and fashion industry. All my books and magazines. My creative friends. The need to learn and do something new.

Tell us a pet story… or two. Tuna got very sick five months ago. He was hospitalized. I almost lost him. I had to inject him daily with a needle for a couple of months, change his diet and have tests done many times. He has pretty much fully recovered now. I’m so thankful. One of the major things that changed since this happened to him is that he has now become a lap cat. The first time he came over and sat on my lap brought a tear to my eye after the five months of what we had gone through. It made me feel that he knows that I saved him and wants to be even closer to me now.

Samba does this cute thing at night.  Her nocturnal habit is to hunt mice (well, fake mice) and bring them into the bedroom for me. I generally wake up to about five presents in the morning. Thank goodness she’s a house cat or those presents would not be as cute! In the morning, I throw all the mice out into the living room, which will inevitably end up back in the bedroom by the next morning.