David U.K. + Celestine Chong

East meets West in the downtown loft of a hip Toronto couple

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

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“To us, life is about merging our journeys to create something magical. It really can’t get better than this!” ~ David U.K & Celestine Chong

City: Toronto

About you: David is Founder and CEO of Cue Digital Media. Celestine, is an actress, singer-songwriter and accomplished model. They’re both creative types, but the specifics of their respective fields are very different. They are what happens when an artist and a visionary come together. For this hip Toronto couple, home is where their cultures and perspectives merge to create an environment that is uniquely their own.

About your pets: Salt is our little girl. She’s a 4 year old, White West Highland Terrier. She is endlessly loving, which why we affectionately call her our “tiny teddy bear.” She adores tummy rubs, loves the snow and is an incredibly happy pup.

Papu (which means snow shavings in Mandarin) is our rambunctious little guy. He’s a Miniature Maltese. He’s a real dandy and relishes in lots of attention. Otherwise known as “mop head,” he was Celestine’s companion when she was on her own in Taiwan for three years.  We think of him as our “little soul healer” as he greatly helped Celestine with the loss of her father.


What’s your personal style?  Real style is about following your heart. Our fashion choices may changes with the seasons, but our personal styles are a reflection of who we are inside.

What’s your home style? That’s easy. It’s East meets West. We’re both very passionate about our heritage. I am Singaporean and David’s mother was born in Hong Kong. He is 25% Chinese. David was fortunate enough to live in Hong Kong for two years while working with Time and CNN. During this period, he was able to deeply connect with his roots. Over the course of his time in China, he sought out and collected antique pieces of varying styles from the Qing Dynasty. These are the items that have influences the style of our space.

The way we live is all about bringing together the things we love, so it’s no surprise that the design of our home would follow the same philosophy. When we renovated the loft, we used natural Brazilian hardwood to balance the raw red brick walls that are original to our building. We gutted the kitchen and the bathroom this year, adding a few modern touches and some key lighting pieces, to play against the industrial nature of the space. In the kitchen, there’s a modern yet traditional chandelier, that is at once both rustic and glamorous. It’s Swarovski meets raw metal. We both really love it.

What inspires you? It’s all about love, life and business, mixing quite elegantly with passion, creativity, and above all other things, being fearless.

Tell us a pet story. There are so many it may be hard to choose only one …  It’s actually a very curious fact that Papu was born in Taiwan, moved to Singapore and now resides in Toronto – He’s our four-legged world traveler. When you think about it, it’s rather funny that we’re living with a dog that is better traveled than many people. He’s one lucky pup!