Mr. Sexy Socks

Paul Smith socks will leave ‘em howling for more

 By the Get Leashed Goods Team

You have no problem admitting you’re a dog guy. Getting your little buddy was the best choice you’ve ever made, no question. But let’s face facts: there’s no way you’d be caught dead in that roly-poly golden retriever tie that your grandma gave you for Christmas last year. Not that it wasn’t a great gift  — love you, Nana!!! — but it wouldn’t exactly work to catch the eye of that petite redhead from legal who always smiles when she passes your office.

Why not try paying homage to your pooch at the office — with nothing but style. We love the trend of adding a little color and whimsy to your life by spicing up your socks. These ones from Paul Smith will have your feet looking great and feeling top dog.

Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 8.18.46 PM

Oh yeah, and when she sees you cross your legs, you know she’ll be thinking how those socks are … “sooooo cute!” Yup, that’s you, all business on the outside, delightfully personable dog-lover on the inside. Who wouldn’t love you? Seriously. Who? Urgh …   Nevermind.

Get your sexy socks today! Paul Smith, Navy Howling Dog Print Socks, $35.00. Buy it now.