Choupette Lagerfeld is The Cat’s Meow

4 signs your cat is a diva, starring Choupette Lagerfeld

By Vicki Hogarth

Photo credit: Harper’s Bazaar

With over 36,000 followers on Twitter, two maids at her beck and meow, and one of the most high-profile fashion world icons as her father, Choupette Lagerfeld is not your ordinary housecat. In fact, she’s flown across the Atlantic more times than the average person, uses an iPad with ease, and has many famous admirers who consider her more muse than mammal. With a modeling career captured exclusively by A-list photographers for elite magazines, Choupette leaves the food commercials to the Kim Kardashian’s of the cat world, while she and Daddy Karl keep things haute cat-ure. It’s pronounced Chat-nel, didn’t you know? She may be a Felis domesticus, but there’s nothing domestic about Choupette, thanks to Lagerfeld’s careful breeding.

Are you a Karl to your pampered puss? Here are four signs your cat is a diva.

Professional photoshoots only, thank you!

Instagram is for mutts. Feline divas need professional photoshoots to immortalize their beauty. Choupette Lagerfeld made her editorial debut in i-D Magazine, and has since posed with some of the world’s biggest models in elite publications. Choupette’s 10-page spread “Laetitia Casta & Choupette Glamourpuss,” shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself, featured the purrrfect puss cozying up to the voluptuous French supermodel. Lagerfeld might be designer royalty, but his kitty has a reputation for being the “Kate Moss of the cat modeling world.” Needless to say, when Choupette and Lagerfeld posed together for a limited-edition Harper’s Bazaar cover, the magazine sold out in less than a day. Choupette puts the “C” in collector’s item.

Designer dishes and travel accessories are a must!

Elite kitties travel like they’ve got a paws-port, but a true diva has no use for a crate or vet-prescribed sedatives. Furry blue bloods don’t know what a cargo compartment looks like. When Choupette accompanies Daddy Karl in his private jet, she travels with a maid (obviously), as well as her personal travel bag — a gift from Bernard Arnault, chairman and CEO of LVMH, naturally. For a sense of normalcy whether at home or abroad, Choupette always dines on dishes by Goyard–one for water, one for croquette, and one for pâté.

The “people version” will do

From culinary interests to leisurely indulgences, a truly cultivated kitty has a refined palate and cannot be expected to enjoy “cat” versions of basic needs. From pâté to shrimp, Choupette’s favourite foods are more sophisticated than those of the average North American human. She eats on the table with the “Kaiser,” and sleeps beside him in his bed with her head resting on a pillow. When Choupette wakes up at 7 am ready for fresh croquette, Lagerfeld obliges. Chairman Meow is obviously the real master of the house.

Being brushed is a necessary beauty ritual

Like a feline version of Marsha Brady – Mar-chat Brady, if you will – a kitty-cat diva understands the importance of being well-groomed. Choupette’s two maids help her keep her fur catwalk-ready. The famous fashionista feline gets her long white hair brushed twice a day to banish unsightly strays. Although she still sheds, Lagerfeld never hesitates to cozy up to his ivory-toned beauty. Given that the Chanel designer is notorious for wearing all black, he’s certainly not afraid to wear his love for Choupette on his sleeve… or his lap.