Dawna Henderson + Pierre Mathieu

A touch of travel, a sprinkle of charm and lots of love with inspiring Toronto couple

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team


Life is about embracing change and staying positive. ~ Dawna Henderson and Pierre Mathieu

City: Toronto

About you: Dawna is the president and partner of XTM Inc. and an animal rights activist. Pierre is the owner of Java Electric. The couple love to travel, cycle, and sail. They also enjoy diving at their home in Grand Turk.

About your pets: Minnie is a Jack Russell, she is 12 years old and is a real fire ball. She’s too smart for her own good and loves to swim, catch frogs and out-race all the other dogs. Minnie is very much a drama queen and loves men.


Frankie is a Shitzu Poodle. We got her from a friend of mine who could no longer keep her. She is the most affectionate dog on the planet. Frankie is the popular one in the doggy park.

Dooby is Pierre’s dog and he is a Silky Terrier. He is 12 years old and a rescue from a grow-op in Quebec. Dooby loves everyone. He has a thing for shoes – if a shoe is not in his mouth, he is not happy.

Ducky is a rescue from Grand Turk in Turks & Caicos where we own a vacation home. We adopted her last May. She’s a potcake, a mixed-breed which is indigenous to the Caribbean.

What’s your personal style? Dawna says, “I love a chic American sportswear silhouette.” She also says she has a passion for shoes, she just might own over 100 pairs.

What’s your home style? We’re inspired by travel and great design so it’s a bit eclectic. Think mid-century modern combined with great antiques and then throw in some quirky pieces.

What inspires you? The bad in our world inspires us to do good. It’s the knowledge that we can contribute something positive, something that may bring a smile to someone’s face or cause the ache of the world to slightly subside for a moment. There is no better place to find goodness than inside yourself!

Tell us a pet story. Most dogs can push a door open but how many can actually close it so another can’t go in after them? That is Minnie.