Jessica Lindsay Phillips

Old world inspiration at the workplace of a Toronto collector and curator

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team


Life is not linear. We learn every day, we grow every day and it’s important to explore every opportunity. Carpe diem! ~ Jessica Lindsay Phillips

City: Toronto

About you: Art collector, caretaker, dealer and creator. I’m involved with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the Explorers Club and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.


About your pets: Ramses is a long, soft-haired, sable dachshund purebred. He will be 15 in May, and is still full of energy. Genghis Khan has more down-to-earth roots, coming from a farm, and I believe he is an American tabby mixed with Egyptian Mau. He is like a little person and is highly intelligent. He and Ramses are best friends.

What’s your personal style? My style is a mix of two extremes and it depends on the mood and medium. I can be very minimalistic and at times, I love to display in a very eclectic, saturated way.

What’s your home style? Old explorers’ headquarters with a strong female influence.

What inspires you? The world inspires me. History inspires me. My peers, mentors and fellow collectors do as well. My mother and father are also key people in my life.

Tell us a pet story: I travel a lot to which they both are accustomed. The night before I leave and the moment I come back we have a two-hour cuddle party. My animals are very loving, but can be a little jealous, so I have to pet them at the same time, one on each side of me.