Craig Lund

Toronto marketer does DIY style in industrial loft

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team


Life is full of possibilities and opportunity. The only thing preventing your success is yourself! ~ Craig Lund

City: Toronto

About you: I am a marketing headhunter and the president of Marketing Talent Inc., president of the American Marketing Association Toronto Chapter and co-chair of Mentor Exchange, a mentoring program for mid-level marketers.

About your pet: Sandy is a beagle from a farm in Delhi, Ontario and she’s coming on 16 years. Despite her age, she’s still very spry and healthy and – as with any beagle – has a nose that without her leash, would be the death of her.


What’s your personal style? From a fashion standpoint, I tend to be a preppy dresser and also love colorful pieces to help me stand out from the crowd. I have a few pairs of Joe Fresh bright chinos with my fave being the tangerine orange and lime green pairs. From fall to spring, I’m most likely to be seen wearing a big bright scarf and a pair of Matt sunglasses by Oliver Peoples. At work, if I’m not wearing a nice pair of chinos, I don a pair of slim fit Levis 511s, a button-up pinstripe shirt and a cashmere sweater.

What’s your home style? I live in a converted factory loft – so there is a mix of industrial and contemporary to the space. With a concrete floor and only one wall of windows for lighting, I opted for lighter paint colors and replaced my kitchen cabinets with white shaker-style doors that match the opposite wall where I installed white square paneling. Despite being a smaller space, the 12-foot ceilings make it possible to get away with condo no-nos like having oversized chocolate couches and a king-sized bed.

I’m big on DIY.  Around my home this includes making my head board, tiling the bathroom and kitchen backsplash, and the largest project, paneling the walls of the lounge and den.


What inspires you? I’m a big foodie and love to cook, so fresh healthy produce, meats and fish really get me going. Whenever possible, I keep flowers in the house, usually tulips, tiger lilies or freesia, they brighten the place with their scent and are an instant pick-me-up. I adore peonies but can only justify spending money on them when they are in season! I also have a soft spot for acts of generosity. I am generous by nature and love seeing or hearing about acts of kindness.

Tell us a pet story. Sandy loves human food, and it doesn’t help that she often gets table scraps on a regular basis (I’m convinced this is why she has such a great coat). With her insane sense of smell, Sandy will discover little morsels of food on our walks, often wolfing them down before I can react. One year around Christmas, Sandy hopped on the ottoman and inhaled a bacon wrapped scallop – tooth pick and all! If a human consumed a tooth pick, surgery is mandatory, as neither humans nor dogs can break down wood in our stomachs. I kept a very close eye on Sandy and it was clear she was in discomfort, though not in pain. Finally, on New Year’s Day Sandy passed the toothpick. It was a very good start to the New Year!