Tips and Tricks – Summer Road Trips

Dos and don’ts for hitting the road with your four-legged friends

By the Get Leashed Health Team

Photo credit: mysza831/CC

What’s summer without a road trip? Be it two days or ten, camping or cottaging, everyone leaves the city for the calm of the country at least once a summer. This time, take your four-legged friend with you. Here are five Get Leashed tips and tricks for making the trip memorable in all the right ways.

Travel can be taught!

Train your pet to be a good traveler. Start with short trips, around the block to start and then work your way up. If you can, schedule your trip, or at least a leg of it, so that when it’s time to stop it’s also dinnertime. This way the meal serves as a reward for your pet’s good car behavior.

Car sickness

If your pet appears unduly restless, or begins to salivate and/or vomit, you’ve got a carsick animal on your hands. Stop and give your pet a break. If it’s really serious you can always see your vet about medication.

On the road

A couple of things to remember while on the road, the first is to have your pet travel in the main area with you and your family. The back of a pick-up truck, while nice for a tailgate party or two, loses its appeal after hours on the road. The second, control the temperature, the more comfortable your pet is, the more they will enjoy the ride.

Hit the ‘breaks’ but not the brakes

Take frequent rest stops, especially if you have a bigger animal. They may not need to use the washroom but could probably do with stretching their legs. While driving, be mindful of stopping short because generally speaking, pets don’t wear seat belts. That said, if you are concerned about your dog’s safety and your, umm, driving, you can always invest in a doggy seat belt.

Don’t be dumb

You are smart, so don’t be dumb. Don’t leave your pet in the car unattended at any time. Period.

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Red line

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