Rachel Simpson

It-girl graphic designer takes time away from work to tell Get Leashed about clean lines and pet poses

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team


Life is unpredictable, and better for it! ~ Rachel Simpson

City: Toronto

About you: I am a graphic designer, occasional photographer, part-time sock monkey maker (seriously), origami sea animal constructor (really!).


About your pet: Violet is part pig, part frog, part bat, part dog, commonly known as a French Bulldog. She’s a sweet, smart, snorting, spoiled dog.

What’s your personal style? 50% of the time I dress like a high school student who hasn’t done laundry in a while because I work from home. The other 50% could be described as a wannabe Jean Seberg in Breathless meets Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver.

What’s your home style? Graphic and clean, with a touch of OCD.

What inspires you? Travel, my friends and Pinterest.

Tell us a pet story. Violet has her own Instagram account: @lifeofvi. She’s so used to taking photos that she has signature poses – the head tilt, the snarl, the frog-body stance – that she does on command. Also, we Skype when I travel.