Watch Your Step!

Fitbit partners with iconic American brand, Tory Burch

By Danielle Goreski


I have to admit, when I first fell in love with my Fitbit, the relationship went into full swing. I tracked my steps and found myself surprised with how few I took which challenged me to up the ante every day. I monitored my sleep patterns and even logged how much water I drank. I wore it religiously for a month and then the separation began as it started to impede on my keen sense of fashion. I found it a little gauche on my wrist with my Louis Vuitton bag in tow. Let’s face it, a rubber band is not wrist candy material.

Hello and thank you Tory Burch! Enter the Fitbit silicone bracelet Burch-style. From a casual standpoint, I’m excited about these two pieces, available in pink and blue and adorned with intricate latticework and a stylized cutout of Tory Burch’s T logo for viewing the Flex’s status lights. This is a great casual piece to accompany my ever-expanding collection of bracelets and great to pair with my flip flops, ripped jeans and a Wildfox tee. Priced at $38 I’ve happily placed an order so I can get my fitness goals back on track.


Tory Burch has included two luxury-like pieces, a brass pendant necklace priced at $175 and a brass hinged bracelet priced at $198. Both items house the Fitbit Flex tracker but given the bright shiny, brassy nature of the materials used for the pieces, neither piece particularly rings my bell. I like the real deal when I’m dressing up to paint the town red. By far the best part of the Tory Burch items are the way they elegantly hide the Fitbit Flex, lessening the possibility of someone asking me why I’m wearing a fitness tracker, which is a conversation that can get tiresome.


Fitbit has been introducing a wider range of band colors since the inception of the Flex but it still hasn’t been enough of a carrot for me to take the plunge and get back into a full-time marriage with my tracking.

Another exciting part about this gel of fashion-accessory-meets-technology means that this is just the beginning of iconic brands jumping on the high tech bandwagon. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll find me adorned with the pendant necklace or hinged bracelet at my next soiree, you’ll definitely see me taking a couple of extra laps with Deedee and Bieber on our next outing to the dog park while I wear my new pink Tory Burch silicone band.


This collection is available for purchase online through Fitbit, Tory Burch and select Tory Burch boutiques. Pre-order it now!