Celebrities and their Doggy Doppelgangers

When celebrities and their four-legged friends look-alike

By Stefanie Gibson

Photo credit: Hama Sanders

It’s the law of attraction. Dogs who resemble their owners are a strange and too frequent to ignore phenomena. We’re not complaining though; there are few things more entertaining than seeing someone with the same haircut as their pooch. Celebrities are no exception!  Check out these celebs and the canine company they keep.

Ryan and George

Hey girl, not that you needed anymore reasons to crush on Ryan Gosling but Ryan and his dog, George are an adorable pair.

Photo credit: Pete Morawski/CC


Kate and Lupo

Ever wondered about Kate’s secret behind those glossy locks? Clearly she’s shared it with her dog, Lupo.

Photo credit: 木木 曉儀/CC


Anne and Esmeralda

Classic brunette beauty, Esmeralda has a striking resemblance to her mommy, Anne Hathaway.

Photo credit: Anthony Citrano/CC


Martha and Genghis Khan

Is it any surprise that Martha and her dog, Genghis Khan are so matchy-matchy?

Photo credit: david_shankbone/CC


Amanda and Finn

Amanda Seyfried and her pooch, Finn, are two of the classiest, blonde BFFs in Hollywood right now.

Photo credit: SynergyByDesign/CC