Sir Humps-A-Lot

Pet Peeves: When you just can’t stop the hump

By Brian Reynolds

Photo credit: autowitch/CC

There’s always that one dog. That dog who manages to violate everyone and everything. He’s the bane of the dog park. No dog or human leg is free from the prospect of being mounted and defiled by the exuberance of this dog. So from all the frustrated dog owners out there, Sir Humps-a-lot, I’m talking to you.

Bringing your dog to the dog park is an excellent opportunity for your best friend to socialize and get some exercise. No one wants their dog park experience to be one big open orgy as certain dogs have their way with your pooch, adding more notches to their belts. The dog park is a playground not a bordello. One of the last things anyone wants to do at the park is spend their time acting as the anti-humping police. When you’re not paying attention to your dog and keeping them out of trouble, that makes you one of the problem owners. You’re giving the rest of us dog owners a bad name.

An out of control dog can also make the dog park a more dangerous place. If it’s your dog that’s trying to screw all the pooches then you’re the one contributing to a more volatile dog park. Don’t be surprised when an unprovoked advance leads to a fight. Not all dogs want to be mounted or dominated and they may retaliate if they perceive the act to be a sign of aggression.

Let’s be clear, every dog in the world has tried to mount something. It can be funny the first time you see it, but it’s not the type of behavior you want from your dog. A big part of the dog world is dominance and mounting is a way for dogs to show this dominance. Any responsible dog owner should do their best to stop their dog from mounting dogs, people and inanimate objects.

If it hasn’t been done already, one way to help stop this behavior in your dog is to have them spayed or neutered. There are many great reasons to have this done to your pet. The Humane Society notes that aggression, excessive barking, mounting and other dominance related behaviors can all be ameliorated by having your dog spayed/neutered. So take the opportunity to make sure you’re not the next Sir Humps-a-lot and help create a safe, peaceful space for all dogs and their owners.