Danielle Goreski

Getting the goods on GL’s fashion + style editor at her Cambridge buffalo ranch

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team


To me, life is like a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes you just have to take the hills for what they offer or stick your hands up in the air and hang on for dear life. If we didn’t have the highs and the lows the ride would be boring. The best way to tackle it is with eyes wide open. ~ Danielle Goreski

City: I split my time between Toronto, our buffalo ranch in Cambridge, Ontario and our home in Florida.

About you: I am a serialpreneur, philanthropist, firecracker, non-conformist visionary and the fashion and style editor for Get Leashed magazine.

About your pets: Deedee is a black and tan miniature dachshund. She is very independent and a true girly dog. She is forever found glued to my side and is definitely my dog. Bieber is a brown smooth miniature dachshund with tons of personality and spends most of his time on his back waiting for the next belly rub. He is the submissive of the two and an attention hog.


What’s your personal style? Fashion is meant to be fun so I don’t take it too seriously. Since I travel quite often I am required to shift fashion gears. I used to live in black but since living in Florida part-time I’ve learned to live in color. I don’t do florals or plaids so you’ll likely find me dabbling in a bit of everything in between. Since I decided to cut my hair into a short pixie style – which seems to have become my signature in some ways – I’m more open and adventurous when it come to pulling a look together. I don’t have a favorite brand or designer but I’ve got a great eye and love to wear what I want when I want. I believe that style is something you have or you don’t and it doesn’t matter what you spend it’s how you pull it all together.

What’s your home style? Our home is best described as rustic farm house elegance. It’s a warm environment that invites you to put your feet up. It’s a mishmash of old and new, cowboy and city girl. We are also caretakers of many animals – 14 buffalo, 5 horses, 2 cats and 2 dogs – so our environment has to be easy and comfortable.

What inspires you? Wanderlust. I’ve got a bad case of it and it’s a big world out there. I develop and cultivate some of the best ideas when I’m on the road less traveled.


Tell us a pet story. After Roxy, also a dachshund, and the only pet I had as a kid, passed away I was devastated. Sometime later while on a stay at our Florida home my husband I happened on an amazing Louis Vuitton dog carrier in a consignment shop. It was the perfect size to fit a small five-pound dog. I joked with my husband that if I had another dachshund I would carry them in the carrier all the time and asked him if I could buy it. David, of course, joked and suggested it might be a good idea to get a dog first before buying the bag. Feeling sad and defeated David and I passed on the carrier and went for walk, when suddenly we found ourselves outside of a small dog specialty store. When I noticed a little wee three-pound black and tan dachshund in the window we quickly went inside. Once inside the owner of the store starting asking me about my forearm tattoo, which is of Picasso’s wiener dog. I explained that I had just lost my dachshund a month earlier and in her memory I got the tattoo. Roxy not only had a permanent place in my heart but I also carried her wherever I went. The owner then brought out this teeny tiny little bundle of joy for us to meet and my heart melted! When I asked the owner if she had a name, she said, “Deedee.” The ironic thing is that my husband and I both go by D so we took this as a sign. I ended up not only with Deedee, but with the dog carrier as well! The rest is history until Bieber found his way into our home but that’s another story (along with how he came to be known as ‘the Biebs’).