Year of the Dog

Find your ‘sole’ mate with these horoscope-inspired flats

By Danielle Goreski


As of late I’ve become obsessed with a new shoe designer. Her tongue-in-cheek and whimsical designs caught my eye on a recent visit to Bergdof Goodman. A Brit, Charlotte Olympia’s designs are inspired by old-Hollywood feminine glamour with humorous and fun elements thrown in. Sounds perfect!

The Cosmic Collection of birthday shoes celebrates both Eastern and Western horoscope traditions. The slipper-inspired suede shoes each feature a gold-plated, hand-painted Zodiac symbol embellished with Swarovski crystals. Each shoe is also embroidered with its Zodiac symbol in a rich, red thread, which in Chinese culture symbolizes good luck and good fortune.


What else? Being a shoe-a-holic I’ll admit it gets tricky storing shoes from season to season, knowing where each pair placed and in which box can get overwhelming to say the least. Charlotte Olympia has made it easy by including an adhesive Polaroid picture to stick on the outside of your shoebox to help with archiving and easy access.

Red line



Want to know more about your sign? Each box also includes a horoscope book. And the fun doesn’t stop there. You can finish off your look with a Zodiac Pandora clutch, which has gold star-shaped feet on the bottom of each clutch for added detail. May your luck be with you in the stars!

Charlotte Olympia, Zodiac Birthday Shoes, Dog $795.00 Buy it now!

Charlotte Olympia, Zodiac Pandora Clutch, Dog  $1,195.00 Buy it now!