Tips and Tricks – Dog-Friendly BBQs

5 tips for BBQ bliss this summer

By the Get Leashed Health Team

Photo credit: biberfan/CC

When the weather’s nice nothing beats a backyard BBQ with friends and family. The trouble is, what do you do with your pup? Will he terrorize the guests, or vice versa, will they terrorize him? And why should your fellow dog-owners leave their pet-pal at home? The more the merrier, right? Right! Get Leashed offers five tips and tricks for BBQ bliss, dogs included.


Don’t limit your introductions to people only. Be sure to introduce your dog, or guest dogs to everyone. This will help assuage any apprehension your guests or your pets may have.

One for me, none for you

Human food is for humans, end of story. Make sure your guests are aware of this and don’t sneak food to the pets.

Okay, some for you

You’re eating meaty ribs and perfectly grilled zucchini and your dog gets the same old chow? I think not. Recognize her good behavior with a special treat.


Set up an area where your dog can feel a part of the action but also remove herself if she wants some downtime.

Just breathe

Take it easy! If you’re stressed out your dog will know and so will your guests.

Red line

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