Roman Price

Get Leashed keeps it simple with King City’s very own Superman

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team


 Living, when successfully done, is in the present moment, that’s where happiness is found. ~ Roman Price

City: King City, ON

About you: Part-time superhero and full-time venture capitalist, mental nutrition proponent, anti-stress advocator and enthusiast. I like uphill battles, working out, taking care of my family and working hard so my dog Sir Bentley doesn’t have to.

About your pet: Sir Bentley is a English Bulldog. He loves to sleep and he makes it look good! He has a huge heart, loves anyone and everything. He’s simple and just need his blanket and toys for a top notch day.


What’s your personal style? In one word, ‘simple’. I came across this quote by Albert Einstein, “Simplicity is the purest form of genius.” and it forever changed the way I look at everything. I try to simplify it all! From the clothes I wear and have, to the stuff I own. I use this practice in my business ventures as well, if done successfully I save people time, our truest form of currency. Simply put less really is more.

What’s your home style? Open with big rooms with little clutter. This helps the creative process in my mind flow. One can only hope life-changing ideas soon follow but who knows

What inspires you? Anything and everything. My only talent, if I’ve ever had one, is in the ability to look at someone or something, not see what they or it is, but what they or it could be.

Tell us a pet story. Ben is a sucker for food and will eat any and all kinds. He even finishes the stuff he doesn’t like. Bulldogs are a stubborn breed, there are times he sits on his butt as a form of protest but a tasty treat gets him up every time.