The Reigning Queens of Doggy Indulgence

3 famous ladies whose dogs we wish we could be for a day

By Stefanie Gibson


Celebrity pets have it made. It’s a little too easy to get jealous of these pampered pooches: their food is decadent, their homes are luxurious and their fashion is designer. Our pets are often a reflection of ourselves and if we live in style, they do too. So who are the crowned queens of pet-spoiling? These three ladies take the cake for creating fabulously indulgent pet lifestyles. Here are the celebrity dogs we wish we could be for a day.


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has certainly made the most of being born rich and no one knows this better than her pets. To say that the hotel heiress has a lot of pets is an understatement. At last count, she had 35 pets: dogs, cats ferrets, birds, snow gliders, a pony and a pig! These are certainly 35 lucky little creatures.

queenofdogindulg-paris      queenofdogindulg-paris2

The most notable of Paris’ pet indulgences is the house Paris built for her dogs. Built as a replica of the heiress’ own mansion, the doghouse is outfitted with a chandelier, furniture, a beautiful staircase, heating/air conditioning, and is soon to have a flat-screen TV. With this gesture of dog-love costing $325,000 to create, it gives new appeal to sleeping in the doghouse.


Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump is the reigning queen of reality TV and she is rarely seen without her pomeranian, Giggy. Giggy is probably most well-known for his fashion. He suffers from alopecia (a chronic disease causing him to lose his fur), so is always the best dressed guy in the room with dapper, glittery designer threads.

queenofdogindulg-vanderpump      queenofdogindulg-vanderpump2

Giggy is a serious jet-setter and he travels the world in style. He doesn’t ride in carriers like a regular dog, Giggy is a certified service dog for emotional support and sits with Lisa on every flight. When he arrives at his destination, he only stays in luxurious hotels where his own bed and special meals are awaiting him. Giggy enjoys all of the benefits of celebrity status. He makes regular talk show and reality show appearances, wins awards, has countless fans and keeps company with the most glamorous people in Hollywood.

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Queen Elizabeth II

Who better to hang with than the Queen herself? Queen Elizabeth II has some seriously lucky corgis who get to call Buckingham Palace home. The love started with Susan, a corgi given to the Queen by her father on her eighteenth birthday. This corgi was so beloved by the Queen that Susan joined in on the royal honeymoon with the young Elizabeth and Phillip. After her death, Susan was laid to rest in royal style with a headstone inscribed with, “The Faithful Companion of the Queen.”

queenofdogindulg-queenelizToday’s corgis are just as well-off. They only eat fresh ingredients and can expect a daily meal of steak fillets, chicken, rabbit and hot scones with butter. They travel with the Queen and call all of the royal houses home, experiencing some of the grandest living and breathtaking countryside. It’s unlikely that these royal dogs will be complaining anytime soon.







Portrait painted by Michael Leonard.
© National Portrait Gallery, London.