Tips and Tricks – The Doggy Paddle

5 tips for safe swimming with your dog

By the Get Leashed Health Team

Photo credit: Seth Castell (Underwater Dogs series)

Contrary to popular belief not all dogs are fantastic swimmers, nor do all of them love the water. If you and your pooch spend a lot of time poolside, or even on the beach, here are five tips and tricks to keep the summer sun full of fun.

Parameter check

Who knows what people throw overboard only to have it wash ashore or what dangerous debris last night’s summer storm dredged up. Be on the lookout for things your pet might get tangled up in or even ingest.

Do the doggy paddle

Get your dog a swimming lesson. Seriously. If there isn’t an animal facility that offers doggy swimming lessons go DIY. Grab a kiddie pool, or umm, the bathtub, and support your dog under their belly as they learn to paddle their paws without panic.

Bust out your lifeguard chair

Don’t leave your dog unattended. You’re there so your dog doesn’t have to swim at his own risk.

Easy exit

Fatigue kills even the strongest the swimmers. Your dog may be the Michael Phelps of canines but if he has fallen into the pool and can’t get out on his own, he’s in trouble. Install a doggy ramp and teach Buster how to use it. Looking for a ramp?

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Life savers

A little wind in their mane, the salty sea air, what dog doesn’t love a boat ride? If your pet is the yachting type outfit them with an animal life vest.

Red line

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